Information Education Communication leaflets Nimhans Centre for Well Being

Information Education Communication leaflets

The centre has developed educational leaflets on various mental health concerns with the idea of promoting positive mental health, giving brief yet vital insights into important mental health conditions and providing some self-help tips.

The leaflets that have been developed are based on the felt-need of the community, which we identified due to numerous enquiries that have been pouring in. These serve as easy-to-carry pieces of important information, that can be passed on conveniently. We use these leaflets to reach out and educate our users, the people in the community, general public, schools and colleges etc.   

NCWB- English

NCWB- Kannada

Preventing Harmful Drinking and Alcohol Addiction

Cell phone Overuse and Addiction

Crisis Management

Marital Enrichment Services: To enrich, encourage, support and heal couple relationships in the community

Supporting Our Loved Ones: What Works

Stress and Coping

Somatoform Disorder

Social Phobia

Enabling Resilience

Maintaining Healthy Peer Relationships

Effective Parenting

Panic Disorder

Mental Retardation in Children (Kannada)

Learning How to Relax

How to Get Good Sleep?

Enhance Your Study Skills

Dhat Syndrome

Bipolar Affective Disorder

Managing Your Anger

Abusing a substance? Reach out to someone…

Quit Tobacco

Growing as a Person

Protecting Children from Sexual Abuse : Strategies for Parents

IPV – First hand information

NURSE Pamphlet

Psychological Trauma

Youth Self Injury Brochure for Teachers