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Diagnostic and Clinical Services

The Department of Neurovirology offers a range of diagnostic services for viral infections of the human nervous system. The array of routine  diagnostic services provided at the department include (i) detection of anti-viral antibodies, (ii) detection of  viral antigens, (iii) isolation of viruses and (iv) detection of  viral nucleic acids by Polymerase chain reaction (PCR). These services are provided for the following viruses – Japanese encephalitis, Dengue, Chikungunya, Rabies, Herpes simplex, Measles, Enteroviruses, JC virus, Influenza and HIV. One of the major initiatives and achievement is the sustained ISO:15189 accreditation of all diagnostic services offered by the department, by NABL, Government of India.

The department also offers consultation on occupational exposure to HIV and post-exposure prophylaxis; Rabies pre- and post- exposure prophylaxis.

HIV services: The department provides a range of services in the area of HIV/AIDS. It is recognised as an ICTC for diagnosis of HIV infection by NACO, since 1992 and since the year 2000 the Department has been designated as one of the 12 NRLs for HIV/AIDS. The HIV services rendered by the department include the following;  (i) Pre- and Post-test counselling for HIV diagnosis,  (ii)  voluntary confidential testing for HIV, (iii) CD4 testing for  HIV infected individuals, (iv) Surveillance for HIV (v) Evaluation of HIV diagnostic kits (NRL on Q) (vi) External Quality Assurance programme for HIV testing laboratories in the state of  Karnataka  (vii) training of medical officers, counsellors, nurses and laboratory technicians (viii) accidental exposure management program for healthcare workers, (ix) Early Infant Diagnosis testing by PCR, (x) Viral load testing for HIV and (xi) national family health survey.