Faculty neurovirology




Areas of Interest

Dr. Reeta S Mani


Email: drreeta@gmail.com

Professor and Head

Molecular diagnosis of infections of central nervous system, Diagnostic and preventive aspects of Rabies, Acute encephalitis syndrome, Pandemic (H1N1) Influenza, Emerging viral infections

Dr. Manjunatha M V


Email: manjuvswamy@gmail.com

Associate Professor

Diagnosis of viral infections of the nervous system, Immune Markers for clinical progression of HIV infection, NKT cell-based adjuvants for anti-viral vaccines, Immune dysregulation in neurological and psychiatric disorders.

Dr. Ashwin Belludi

Assistant Professor

HIV medicine and public health surveillance

Dr. Ashwini M

Assistant Professor

Molecular characterization of Hepatitis C virus in injection drug users, Laboratory diagnosis and surveillance of Rabies, Diagnostic Biomarkers for encephalitis, Host viral interactions and genomic characterization of JC virus