Vision, Mission and Objectives neuropathology

Vision, Mission, and Objectives


To excel in the field of diagnostic neuropathology and develop skilled manpower for the country in the specialty and foster advanced translational research in neurobiology


a) Provide high quality tertiary-level diagnostic neuropathology services for patients

b) Provide training in Neuropathology for manpower development

c) Develop new teaching modules to disseminate knowledge in neuropathology

d) Provide a platform for information sharing and telepathology to deliver diagnostic services and public health messages about neurological disorders.

e) Promote active inter-disciplinary research collaboration within the institute and between institutions to promote translational research in neuroscience and neuropathology.


a) Provide high quality tertiary-level diagnostic services (Neuropathology, Electron Microscopy) for the patients of NIMHANS and other health care centers in South India

b) Develop sufficient manpower in the field of diagnostic Neuropathology to meet the requirement of all centers in the country with departments of Clinical Neuroscience by providing Neuropathology training to students/faculty of pathology &clinical neurology/ neurosurgery.

c) Develop innovative teaching methods and use information technology to develop teaching modules for dissemination of knowledge and thereby enhance manpower.

d) Initiate and develop telepathology to connect remote hospitals in the country. Develop networking amongst neuropathologists in the country that will provide a common platform for interaction and develop uniformity of reporting.

e) Promote active inter disciplinary research collaborations within the Institute and between Institutions to promote neuroscience research. Enhance quality of research in the broad field of neuropathology to keep abreast with the recent advances in the discipline and foster research temperament amongst medical and non medical students.

Quality policy:

The Neuropathology Department, NIMHANS, is committed to good laboratory practices and provides effective service to all its users by ensuring accurate, timely & clinically useful reports of highest achievable quality. The laboratory also ensures equitable care that does not vary with gender, age, religion, geographic origin or socioeconomic status. All laboratory personnel are aware of and endorse the Quality Policy of the department. Towards this objective the following are undertaken

  1. The lab’s quality management system complies with requirements of ISO 15189:2012 and NABL 112 keeping non-conformances to a minimum.
  2. It provides histopathology results within the committed turn around time.
  3. The lab participates in internal and external Quality assessment schemes run by national & internationally recognized agencies
  4. The laboratory management ensures continual improvement by periodically evaluating its performance
  5. It reviews feedback from its clients, addresses complaints and identifies opportunities for improvement
  6. The laboratory has safety measures including waste disposal that are in accordance with local, and national regulations ensuring safe and clean environment for staff and clients.