Molecular Genetics Laboratory (Officer In-charge: Prof. Sanjeev Jain)

Molecular Genetics Laboratory (Officer In-charge: Prof. Sanjeev Jain)

The Molecular Genetics laboratory has been involved in several research projects in neuropsychiatric disorders including schizophrenia, bipolar disorder, autism, dementia, OCD and addiction. These studies have utilised different genetic methods such as case association studies, linkage studies and next generation sequencing methods to understand the biology of these illnesses. As part of this, clinical endophenotypes such as treatment response, disease severity and co morbidities have been evaluated with a genetic perspective.  ‘Disease in a dish’ models have been initiated to study cellular endophenotypes in patient derived lines. Epigenetic studies are ongoing to understand the role of DNA methylation in alcohol addiction, stress and psychiatric illness. Another interest of the lab is to study the genetic epidemiology of triplet repeat disorders such as Huntington’s Disease as well as spinocerebellar ataxias such as SCA1, 2 &3.

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Workshops & Symposia conducted by the lab:

An International  Conference cum workshop  on  “Epigenetics in Health and Disease”   was held from 22-24th January 2019 at NIMHANS in collaboration with the University of Exeter.

Recent Publications

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  • Ganesh S, Ahmed P H, Nadella RK, More RP, Seshadri M, Viswanath B, Rao
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    implicated in Mendelian neuropsychiatric syndromes. Psychiatry Clin
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