The two years M.Sc Neuroscience program has now been introduced and the first batch of students, after qualifying through competitive national level exam have joined on 1st July 2023.

Students admitted to the programme receive a fellowship of Rs. 15,000/- per month for the entire duration of 2 years.

Steering Committee:


Mentor and Chief Advisor

Dr Bindu M Kutty

Dean, Basic Sciences & Senor Professor of Neurophysiology



Head of the Department

Dr Sarada Subramanian

Professor, Dept. of Neurochemistry




Dr Laxmi T Rao

Professor,  Dept. of Neurophysiology


Dr Mariamma Phillip

Additional Professor, Dept.  of Biostatistics



Departmental  Coordinators  

Faculty members from Basic Sciences departments – Biophysics, Biostatistics, Clinical Psychopharamcology and Neurotoxicology, Human Genetics, Neurochemistry, Neuromicrobiology, Neurophysiology, and Neurovirology


M Sc Neurosciences Programme:

This unique Master’s program is introduced to develop human resource in the field of Neurosciences in the country. This 2-year Course is a comprehensive program with specialization in core research in Neuroscience electives and designed for a total of 1700 marks. It provides students with theoretical knowledge and practical skills with major focus on hands-on research necessary for highly skilled man power development.

The course offers a strong curriculum structure with a total of 9 theory papers in different subjects and several hands-on training sessions with undertaking research as part of the study. Choice of the area of research is made by students through interactions with research scholars, faculty and staff of the participating departments.