Annexure 4 NIIR

Annexure 4 – Manpower training in functional neuroimaging

Training as research thesis

Several students of DM Neuroradiology, DM Neurology, PhD clinical neurosciences, Mch Neurosurgery, MD Psychiatry training programs of the institute has done research using the clinical data acquired from this scanner and has thus been trained in fMRI techniques and applications. The list is as follows

  • Ullas, DM: Study of functional connectivity in febrile seizures using resting state fMRI
  • Shriram Varadharajan, DM: Longitudinal brain connectivity markers in patients with acute traumatic paraparesis
  • Dr.BhaskarM.V, DM: The role of Electroencephalogram functional Magnetic Resonance Imaging (EEG-fMRI) in assessing the neuro-hemodynamic changes induced by Repetitive Trans cranial Magnetic stimulation (rTMS) in patients with Writer’s Cramp
  • Dr.GanneChaitanya, PhD: Phase synchronisation and Resting state connectivity analysis using simultaneous EEG-fMRI in Localization Related Epilepsy.
  • Dr.Shreevidya, DM : Structural MRI and DTI in patient with Multiple Sclerosis
  • Dr.AbhisekLenka, PhD: Functional and Structural Imaging of Patients With Parkinson’s disease with psychosis
  • Dr.RajaniManja, PhD: Metals Imaging in The Etiopathogenesis Of Parkinsons Disease
  • Dr.Ketan Jhunjhunwala, PhD: Structural Imaging of patients with Patients with Essential Tremor, Writer’s Cramp and Primary Writing Tremor
  • Dr.Raghavendra, DM:DTI in patients with HoatWatter Epilepsy
  • Dr.Raghavendra, DM:DTI in patients with Multiple Sclerosis
  • Dr.MenakaJha, DM: Structural and DTI Imaging in Patients WithParkinson’s disease
  • Dr. Puja M, DM: Structural Imaging of Parkinson’s disease patients with and without re-emergent tremor.
  • Dr.Kethaki S. Bhalsing, DM: Association between cortical volume loss and cognitive impairments in essential tremor.
  • Dr.Ashok M, PhD: Three time point view of mild brain injuries’ structural alteration and their association with cognitive domains
  • Dr.Ketaki Patwardhan, DM: Mapping of language code switching in Multi lingual Subjectshealthy individual using functional MRI.
  • Dr.Gunal, MCh : Mapping of Language area and post-surgery plasticity in patient with left side frontal lobe Glioma using functional MRI.
  • Dr.Kisley, MCh: Resting state Functional MRI study in patient With brachial Plexus injury
  • Dr.Satyakam, MCh: Sensory Motor Network plasticity in patient With brachial Plexus Injury: Functional MRI study
  • DrMayur, Mch: Corticospinal tractography in high grade glioma
  • Dr.Sowmya, PhD, Study of Oxytocin and Neuroimaging analysis in Autism Spectrum Disorder Investigator
  • Dr.Bharath Holla, MD : Psychophysiological Interactions In Subjects At High And Low Risk For Alcoholism: An Fmri Study Involving Interference Paradigm
  • Dr. Bharath Holla, MD : “Effect Of Baclofen On Alcohol Cue-Induced Brain Activity In Severely Alcohol Dependent Individuals: A Functional Magnetic Resonance Imaging Study”
  • Dr. Bharath Holla, MD : “Imaging-genomics approach to identify a composite cognitive endophenotype in the risk to develop Alcohol Dependence”,
  • Dr. Nitish Machewad, MD:“Vulnerability To Addiction And Creativity – A Functional Magnetic Resonance Study”, Investigator: Dr.NitishMachewad, Dept. Psychiatry
  • Dr. Ramesh Jagarapu, MD: Brain Development, Genetic Variation And Risk For Alcohol Dependence: Imaging (DTI) (White Matter) Genetics Study
  • Dr. Ramesh Jagarapu, MD: Brain Development, Genetic Variation And Risk For Alcohol Dependence: Resting state fMRI Genetics Study
  • Dr.PawanKhadse, MD:“The Effect Of Acamprosate Treatment On Cue Reactivity And Central Glutamate Activity In Recently Abstinent Alcohol Dependent Patients”
  • Dr. Pawan Khadse, MD:Comparing functional connectivity in the resting brain between subjects at high and low risk for alcoholism.
  • Dr. Rajkumari Reddy, PhD: Neural correlates of emotion: Acquisition versus innate view point
  • Dr. Rajkumari Reddy, Post Doc: Neural correlates of Empathy: functional MRI study
  • Dr. Divya Sadana, PhD: Understanding of Creativity and Bipolar Affective Disorder.
  • Dr. Mohd Afsar, PhD:Neuroimaging and neurofeed back in Trauma brain Injury
  • Dr Praveen, PD:Functional MRI correlates of temporal processing of speech in persons with auditory Dys-synchrony 
  • Dr Praveen, PD: DTI and VBM in persons with auditory Dys-synchrony  Dr Praveen Audiology and speech pathology
  •  Training as Observership program

Several students from across the country visit this centre to get trained in the technical aspects of fMRI. Several Research Scientists PhD M.Tech Cognitive Sciences students , Computer Science engineers, Biomedical engineers have been trained in the fields of fMRI paradigm creation and fMRI data analysis.

One biomedical engineer has been trained in the collection and analysis of simultaneous EEG-fMRI and One Senior technician has been trained in the field of fMRI paradigm creation and implementation.

Many Mtech students are being trained during internship .