Annexure 2 NIIR

Annexure 2 –  List of ongoing Research Projects


Name of PIName of ProjectFunding AgencyStatus
1Dr. P T SivakumarGenotype in elderly with late onset depression a prospective studyICMR/002/208/2012/00168Ongoing
2Dr. MathuranathFronto Temporal DementiaDST/003/304/2012/00598On Going
3Dr. Jagadisa ThirthalliCogntive remediation in schizophrenia rTMS studyDST/002/208/2014/00690Ongoing
4Dr. Biju ViswanathImaging genomics approach to identify molecular markers of lithium response in biopolar disorderDST/002/208/2013/00671On Going
5Dr. Naren  P RaoNeurobiological effects of Oxytocin on metacognitive deficits in SchizophreniaNIMH/PROJ/MRI SCAN/DR.NAREN-IISC/2013-14Ongoing
6Dr. Urvakhsh MehtaMoulding Mirror Neuron Activity in Schizopherenia: A Novel Translational Application of MRI- Guided Transcanial Magnetic StimulationWT-DBT/002/208/2014/00697On Going
7Dr. Rakshathi BIntermittent Theta brust stimulation of cerebellar vermis is schizophrenia : Impact on Negitive Symptoms and brain connectivityWT-DBT/002/208/2016/00898Ongoing
8Dr. Rose Dawn BharathCerebello Thalamo Cortical Resting state connectivity Biomarkers in patient with Movement DisorderD.O.NO.SR/CSI/162/2013On Going
9Dr. Malla Bhaskara Rao“Effect of Yoga and Meditation on hippocampal volumentry and memory among people with chronic drug resistant mesial temporal lobe epilepsy : A comparative study before and after epilepsy surgery”DST/003/306/2016/00920Ongoing
10Dr. Pramod Kumar PalPDRB PsychosisICMR/003/304/2013/00694On Going
11Dr. Preethi SinhaA Study of functional Connectivity in Brain associated with cogentive impairment in ECT for depressionDST/002/208/2016/00890Ongoing
12Dr. Maya Dattatraya BhatDTI Analysis of Head Bath Teiggering MigraneNIHM/Proj/MDB/548/2015-16On Going
13Dr. Muralidharan KTherapeutic effects of yoga in depression-A Neurobiological InvestigationDST/002/208/2016/00893Ongoing
14Dr. Naren  P RaoExamination of Therapeutic Efficacy and Potential mechanisms of yoga Treatememt in SchizophreniaDST/002/208/2016/00892Ongoing
15Dr. Vivek BenagalcVEDAICMR/002/208/2016/00858Ongoing
16Dr. Shivarama S. VaramballyYoga and Schizophrenia- A comprehencive Assessment of Neuroplasticity  (Y-SCAN)WT-DBT/002/208/2016/00865Ongoing
17Dr. John Vijay SagarImaging and biochemical correlates in childern with austim spectrum disorder with and without epilepsyICMR/002/202/2014/00742Ongoing
18Dr.MathurnathIn search of retinal neurovascular unit markers in Alzheimer’sTVSB/003/304/2015/00832Ongoing
19Dr. Dhruva IthalExploring Brain connectivity, Neurotrophic and clinical correlates of response to Electroconvulsive theraphy in Refractory SchizophreniaWT-DBT-00897-2016Ongoing
20Dr. Jamuna RajeswaranComparative study of cognitive retraining and EEG neuro feedback training in TBI: clinical, cognitive, EEG, Biochemical, Functional and Cerebral Blood flow correlatesDST-CSI/002/203/2016/00860Ongoing
21Dr. Indira Devi“Pediatric brain: White matter volumetry and plasticity in response to direct versus indirect insult to the brain- Traumatic Brain Injury (TBI) vs. Brachial Plexus Injury (BPI)DST/007/306/2017/1024Ongoing