Annexure 1 NIIR

Annexure 1 . List of Research Projects completed till date


Name of PIName of ProjectFunding AgencyStatus
1Dr. Shobini L RaoGenerativity in Cognitive networksDept of Science and TechnologyCompleted
2Dr. Rose Dawn BharathGenerativity in Cognitive networksDept of Science and TechnologyCompleted
3Dr. B Indira DeviGenerativity in Cognitive networksDept of Science and TechnologyCompleted
4Dr. Rose Dawn BharathfMRI correlates of Temporal processing of speech in persons with Auditory Dys-synchronyNational Institute of Mental Health and NeuroscienceCompleted
5Dr. Shantala HegdeHappy and Sad emotions induced via musicDept of Science and TechnologyCompleted
6Dr. B.N. GangadharA Randomized controlled trails of Yoga therapy in Mild cognitive impairment (MCI)-Functional Brain imaging (fMRI) and Biochemical correlatesMorarji Desai National institute of YogaCompleted
7Dr. Susan ThomasEffect of Mantra Meditation on EEG and AttentionDept of Science and TechnologyCompleted
8Dr. Keshav KumarElectro Physiological correlates of cognitive Decision making and Emotional Decision makingDept of Science and TechnologyCompleted
9Dr. RajakumariCognitive and Affective Empathy: An fMRI studyDept of Science and TechnologyCompleted
10Dr. Sanjeev JainGenerativity in Cognitive networksDept of Science and TechnologyCompleted
11Dr. Prakash PadakannayaMultilingualism and Brain organization. A Top down project: on Language  Dept of Science and TechnologyCompleted
12Dr. G. Venkata SubramanianStructural and functional connectivity of Hippocampus in SchizophreniaWelcome Dept of Bio TechnologyCompleted
13Dr. Y.C. Janardhanan ReddyNeuro Imaging  Endophenotypes in OCDDept of Bio TechnologyCompleted
14Dr. John P JohnA multimodal Imaging-Genomics approach- function in SchizophreniaDept of Science and TechnologyCompleted
15Ms. Gomata Varanasi DharmapuriAnalysis Description of Neuro images under the influence of musicDept of Science and TechnologyCompleted
16Dr. Vivek BenegalEffect of Baclofen on Alcohol cue induced activation of the ventral striatumCentre for addiction medicineCompleted
17Dr. Jamuna RajeswaranBrain correlates of CreativityDept of Science and TechnologyCompleted
18Dr. G. Venkata SubramanianNeuro cognitive and Neuroimaging correlates of fronto thalamic abnormalities in SchizophreniaDept of Science and TechnologyCompleted
19Dr. Dhananjaya I BhatCortical plasticity following intercostals musculocutaneous nerve transfer: An fMRI studyDept of Science and TechnologyCompleted
20Dr. Y.C. Janardhanan ReddyWhite matter alterations in Obsessive Compulsive Disorder and their relationships with symptom dimensions: a DTI study patternsDept of Science and TechnologyCompleted
21Dr. Bindu M  KuttyNeural correlates of well being associated with mindfulness meditation: A Neuro psycho physiological and neuro imaging studyDept of Science and TechnologyCompleted
22Dr. Vivek BenegalBrain Development (White Matter) Genetic Variation and risk for alcohol dependence imaging DTI genetics studyCENTRE FOR ADDICTION MEDICINECompleted
23Dr. Vivek BenegalPsychophysiological interactions in subjects at high and low risk for alcoholismCENTRE FOR ADDICTION MEDICINECompleted
24Dr. Shoba SrinathNeurological profile and eye movements with autism spectrum disorder(ASD)DST/002/202/2011/00039Completed
25Dr. Srikala BharathfMRI:A  Diagnostic tool for Amnestic minimal cognitive impairment and early Alzheimers Dementia,DST/CSI/002/208/2012/00122Completed
26Dr. Mathew VargheseDefault Mode Network as a predictor of cognitive agingDept of Science and TechnologyCompleted
27Dr. S Mahavir AgarwalNeural correlatesand endophentypic validity of neuroplasticity modulation in schizopreniaSERB/002/208/2014/00743Completed
28Dr. G. Venakata subramanianunderstanding the neural basis of hallucination in schizopereniaDST/02/208/213/00677Completed
29Dr. Janardhanan CNNeural and immunological predictors if SSRI response in obsessive compulsive disorder search for a composite biomarkerDST/002/208/2013/00444Completed
30Dr. Vivek BenegalVulnerability to addiction and creativityCENTRE FOR ADDICTION MEDICINECompleted
31Dr. Vivek BenegalAcamprosate treatment on recent abstinenceCENTRE FOR ADDICTION MEDICINECompleted
32Dr. Devvarata KumarNeural Effects Of Cognitive RemediationDBT/PROJ/002/203/2013/00497Completed