Vision, Mission, Objectives speech pathology and audiology

Vision, Mission, and Objectives


To be the most acclaimed department nationally and internationally in fostering the field of Speech Language Pathology and Audiology in the areas of clinical services, manpower training and research from the neuropsychiatric perspective.


Our pursuit for knowledge concerning the neuro-psychiatric communication disorders is driven by three main activities. Firstly, the clinical service – To deliver quality service (Diagnosis and intervention) on a consistent basis to serve the population afflicted with neuro-psychiatric communication and swallowing disorders. Secondly the Manpower development – In order to help patients optimally, the students and professionals must be exposed to the latest information and application. In this direction we have a strong commitment to teaching and continuing education through various activities. Thirdly is the research activity. In order to be on the “cutting edge” of clinical care, an active research program is encouraged through doctoral studies, research projects, inter-departmental and inter – institute research collaboration. It is with these three inter-sector coordination and commitment that advances can be made to help those with communication disorders.


  1. To provide speech language and hearing services to all patients referred to the department
  2. To provide adequate training in the areas of speech language and hearing as requested by the respective departments in NIMHANS as well as by the respective institutions outside NIMHANS.
  3. To initiate research studies in the areas of speech language and hearing sciences maintaining high ethical standards.
  4. To provide public education on normal and disordered aspects of speech language and hearing.