Academics/Courses Conducted college of nursing

Academics/Courses Conducted

The Philosophy of the college of nursing NIMHANS is to promote health, give support and care in times of illness, and provide comfort and dignity in death. B.Sc. nursing graduates design, manage, coordinate, provide evidence-based care, and function as a member of the profession. Nurses use a unique and expanding body of knowledge and skills, including information and health care technology to serve individuals, families, communities, and systems. Nurses fulfil these roles in relationship with clients and other members of the health care team. We value practice that connects nurses locally, nationally and internationally so that health is promoted and the profession is enriched. The purpose of B.Sc. nursing education is to prepare entry-level practitioners who are able to assist individuals, families, and communities to achieve desired health outcomes through the provision of nursing care and collaboration with other health care providers. Active learning with opportunity for reflection is the primary means by which students develop the requisite knowledge, skills and values for excellence in practice. Faculty members serve as role models, connect students to learning environment that promote engagement, clarify the expected outcome of learning experiences, and provide timely and useful feedback to students regarding their achievement.


The academic year starts from the first working day of August and completes by the last working day of June. The syllabus approved by the Indian Nursing Council is been followed for the BSc nursing programme. Student intake is 77 according to GOI, INC and the students are selected on merit basis.

Current BSc Nursing Student Strength (2014 – 2015)

Academic Year Strength
1st year (2013- 2017) 76
2nd year (2012- 2016) 71
3rd year(2011-2015) 62
4th year(2010-2014) 26
5th year(2010-2014) 26
Total 235

Overview on Master plan for BSc Nursing programme

Course duration - 04 years

Hours available per

Academic year - 1480 Hrs (37 wks)

Hours per week - 40 hrs.

Theory - 12 hours/wk

Practical - 30 hours/wk

Examination - 04 Weeks

Internship practical - 48 hours/wk

(4th Year) (6 months)


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