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Vision, Mission, Objectives


To be the world leader in the field of Neuroimaging and Interventional Radiology and to provide efficient, affordable,compassionate and round the clock services, through translational research, which sees beyond the boundaries of clinical medicine.


The Mission Statement:

  • Establish the highest standards of evidence based imaging for mental health and neurological disorders and to provide world class diagnostic and therapeutic services to our patients at affordable costs.
  • Develop and strengthen inter-disciplinary, inter-institutional and international collaboration with universities and research institutes across the globe to foster scientific research, training in advanced technology and exchange of ideas in the areas of Neuroimaging and interventional neuroradiology.
  • Human resource capacity building by all invasive training in Neuroimaging and interventional neuroradiology
  • To form core multi-disciplinary teams for management of various neurological and neurosurgical diseases.

What we do

The Department offers state of art clinical services to its patients. On an annual basis, the Department’s faculty and staff perform more than 100,000 patient examinations per year, giving patients access to a wide spectrum of imaging modalities. Our department is equipped with the state-of-the-art imaging technology and also has a robust digital picture archiving, communications, information management, and dictation systems.

Our faculty is well trained and has large clinical expertise in their areas of clinical service, which assures high-quality patient care in dealing with both simple and complex clinical cases. The addition of functional and molecular imaging facilities in the last couple of years has increased the availability of the Department’s clinical services to both outpatients and inpatients.

We also offer therapeutic services for treatment of neurovascular diseases and pain disorders. Department has excellent expertise for management of brain AVM’s, aneurysm coiling, embolization of duralarteriovenous fistulas, carotico-cavernous fistulas, endovascular stroke management and endovascular management of various spinal vascular diseases. These procedures offer minimally invasive treatment option with shorter ICU stay, early hospital discharge. In addition pain management services are also offered in collaboration with departments of neurosurgery and anesthesia.

Department is also engaged in academic and research activities. We offer 3 year DM in neuroimaging and interventional radiology training program in the field of diagnostic and interventional neuroradiology. In addition PhD neuroradiology and undergraduate program and BSc in radiography are also offered. All the faculty members are actively involved in the research activities and department is part of various research projects on neurological, neurosurgical and psychiatric disorders.

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