Overview Central Animal Research Facility


  • Providing the research team with and timely supply of timed pregnant animals, neo natal animals for preparation of cell lines was done.
  • Timely supply of required age, sex and weight of each strain of animal was made in addition to supports offered to studies on mitochondrial profiling in rat model of sporadic amyotrophic lateral sclerosis (ALS).
  •  Implication of ventral subicular lesion on circadian behaviors in rodents.
  •  Modulation of glutamatergic transmission in epileptogenesis and epilepsy-induced cognitive deficits
  •  Cellular and molecular basis of temporal lobe epilepsy induced cognitive deficits: Role of enriched environment and levetiracetam treatment.
  • Evaluation of electrophysiological changes in primary spinal cord cultures exposed to ALS-CSF using Micro electric array.
  •  Pathophysiology of sleep in rats prenatally treated with valproic acid
  •  In addition to above mentioned activities, the CARF also guides and assists researchers in designing and planning of protocols and in day to day care of animals (husbandry). Healthcare and selection of animals in addition to man power development. Organizing IAEC meetings, conducts programme for training on laboratory animals