Vision, Mission and Objectives


Developing and strengthening components of Psychosocial Support in Prevention, Mitigation, Preparedness, Rescue, Relief, Rehabilitation and Reconstruction phases of disasters at national, regional and local levels.


Strengthening and implementing capacity building, human resource development and research activities and programs on Psychosocial Support across the country at all phases of disaster management including disaster risk reduction.  


  • Developing the culture of psychosocial preparedness for any disaster. 
  • Aiding development of evidence-based policies on psychosocial support.
  • Developing institutional capabilities for closing the gap between knowledge and practice.
  • Catalyzing development of appropriate human resources at all levels.
  • Encouraging and undertaking community based practice of psychosocial support in disaster management.
  • Undertaking advocacy on psychosocial support in disaster management.
  • Integrating psychosocial support components with other aspects of disaster management.