Transfusion Medicine and Haematology


Department of Transfusion Medicine and Haematology was established in September 2015.
The department consists of:

(1) Transfusion Medicine Centre (TMC), situated in the Neurocentre building, occupying part
of the first and second floor, roughly measuring 7000 Sq ft.
(2) Clinical Pathology and Haematology (CPH) Section, situated in the first floor of Silver
Jubilee Emergency Block, roughly measuring 1500 Sq ft.

Both the sections provide 24X7 services, 365 days a year.
TMC is involved in collection of blood from blood donors at TMC and from outdoor camps,
splitting the blood into different components like packed red cells, platelet concentrate and
fresh frozen plasma etc., and subject all the donated blood for mandatory tests. NAT test for
HIV1&2, Hepatitis B and Hepatitis C is being tested in reference laboratory of Karnataka.
TMC performing highest number of therapeutic plasma exchanges in India for neurological
disorders. Other therapeutic procedures like therapeutic phlebotomy are also performed

Transfusion Medicine Centre is recognized as a training centre, by NBTC, NACO, NHM and
KSBTC for Karnataka and neighbouring States. And also conducts induction and refresher
training for Blood Storage Centres (BSC) and Blood Banks of Karnataka. TMC provides
training for post graduate students and technologists of other Institutes and Medical Colleges
across the country.
CPH section undertakes the following:

  • Clinical Haematology: tests includes complete blood count, bone marrow
    examination, ESR, Sickling test, Reticulocyte Count and Saline Dilution test for
  • Clinical Pathology: tests includes routine urine and stool examination
  • Coagulation tests: PT, APTT, INR, Protein C & S, fibrinogen and Factor VIII
    CPH section is accredited by the National Accreditation Board for Testing and Calibration
    Laboratories (NABL) as per ISO 15189:2012
    The Clinical Pathologists (Specialist Grade) are involved in teaching programs of BSc
    Nursing and BSc Anaesthesia and training of NACO assisted Blood Banks and Blood
    Storage Centres.

Department has initiated one year Post-doctoral fellowship in Transfusion Medicine, since 5 years. Department has got all the facilities like blood component preparation, apheresis,
automated immunohaematology and ELISA equipment, for this program.
TMC has project funded by Government of Karnataka: NHM-NVBDCP Program to start
Single Donor Platelet (apheresis) at NIMHANS. The aim of the program is to provide single
donor platelet to patients admitted in any hospital in Karnataka, at an affordable cost of Rs.
8500, 24 hours a day.