Teaching and Training

Fellowship in Psychosocial Support in Disaster Management:

Duration: 1 year

No of seats: 8

4 seats: Fellowship assistance from NIMHANS

4 seats: Sponsored from State/Central/INGO/NGO/Foreign University

Eligibility Criteria:

The candidate should possess 2 years Master’s Degree in Social Work/Psychology/Psychiatric Nursing/Disaster Management.

Sponsored candidates from the state or central Government or INGO/NGO/Foreign University recognised fulfilling the above criteria are eligible for fellowship. The fellowship is full time and the course shall be conducted at NIMHANS. The candidate during the course must work under the guidance of the NIMHANS consultants with progressively increased technical and practical responsibilities in the areas of clinical, capacity building and research activities. The structure of the course includes active participation in field based PSSMS assessments, working with families and individuals in the casualty and emergency services on crisis management, plan, execute TOT training programme both at NIMHANS, and other places of the country as the need may arise.