Proactive Disclosure under Right to Information

Introduction: This section of NIMHANS official website alongwith other relevant sections contain information as required to be published under Section 4 (1)(b) of the Act.

1. Organisation and Function

Sl. NoItemParticularsDetails of disclosure
1.1Particulars of organisation and governance [Section 4(1) (b)(i)]Name and address of the OrganizationNATIONAL INSTITUTE OF MENTAL HEALTH AND NEURO SCIENCES (NIMHANS)
Hosur Road, Near Bangalore Milk Dairy, Bengluru, Karnataka – 5600029
Head of the organizationhttps://nimhans.ac.in/from-the-directors-desk/
Vision & Missionhttps://nimhans.ac.in/vision-and-mission/ 
Past Directorshttps://nimhans.ac.in/past-directors/
Organization Charthttps://nimhans.ac.in/organogram-nimhans/#
Governance & Statutory BodiesGoverning Body (G.B) Committee
Institute Body (I.B) Committee
Grievance Redressal Committee
Grievance Redressal Committee – Internal
Standing Selection Committee
Rehabilitation Committee
Planning and Monitoring Board
Hospital Management Committee
Standing Estate Committee
Academic Committee
Standing Finance Committee
1.2Power and duties of its officers and employees[Section 4(1) (b)(ii)]Powers and duties of officers  and Employees; (administrative, financial and judicial)As per regulation No. 25 of NIMHANS Act, 2013, the Director of NIMHANS is in charge of the adminstration and shall allocate duties to officers and employees of the Institute and exercise such supervision and executive control as are necessary.
1.3Procedure followed in decision making process [Section 4(1)(b)(iii)]Process of decision making Identify key decision making pointsDirector is the Executive Officer of the Institute
Final decision making authorityGoverning Body
Related provisions, acts, rules etc.As per delegation of powers to GB/Director as per NIMHANS Act/Regulations
Time limit for taking a decisions, if any 
Channel of supervision and accountabilityhttps://nimhans.ac.in/organogram-nimhans/#
1.4Norms for discharge of functions[Section 4(1)(b)(iv)]Nature of functions/ services offeredPatient care, Academics, Clinical diagnostics, Library, Medical technology
Process by which these services can be accessed.https://nimhans.ac.in/patient-care-nim/
Process of redress of grievancesPublic Grievance Committee
Employees Grievance Committee
Internal Complaints Committee on Sexual Harassment of Women in the Workplace (Prevention, Prohibition and Redressal)
1.5Rules, regulations, instructions manual and records for discharging functions[Section 4(1)(b)(v)]Governing Acts, Rules & RegulationThe NIMHANS Act, 2012
The NIMHANS Act, 2013 (Rules)
The NIMHANS Act, 2013(Regulations)
1.6 Statements of the Categories of documents held by the authority under its control[Section 4(1)(b) (vi)]]Categories of documentsAdministration, Finance, Purchase, patient related Records, academic, technology transfer available as hard copy Reasearch related.
Custodian of documents/categoriesThe Director
1.7Boards, Councils, Committees and other Bodies constituted as part of the Public Authority [Section 4(1)(b)(viii)]Governance & Statutory BodiesGoverning Body (G.B) Committee
Institute Body (I.B) Committee
Grievance Redressal Committee
Grievance Redressal Committee – Internal
Standing Selection Committee
Rehabilitation Committee
Planning and Monitoring Board
Hospital Management Committee
Standing Estate Committee
Academic Committee
Standing Finance Committee
1.8Directory of officers and employees[Section 4(1) (b) (ix)]Name and designation along with phone numbers 
1.9Monthly Remuneration received by officers & employees including system of compensation[Section 4(1) (b) (x)]List of employees with Gross monthly remunerationAs per regulation No. 33 of NIMHANS Act, 2013, a list of Group ‘A’, ‘B’ & ‘C’ employees with their respective pay scale is enunciated under Schedule V of the Act.
1.10Name, designation and other particulars of public information officers[Section 4(1) (b) (xvi)]Name and designation of the public information officer (PIO), Assistant Public Information (s) & Appellate Authorityhttps://nimhans.ac.in/rti-footer/
1.11No. Of employees against whom Disciplinary action has been proposed/ taken(Section 4(2))No. of employees against whom disciplinary action has been 
Pending for Minor penalty or major penalty proceedings
Finalised for Minor penalty or major penalty proceedings 
1.12Programmes to advance understanding of RTI(Section 26)Educational programmesPeriodic trainings are held and executives of Institute participated.
Efforts to encourage public authority to participate in these programmesCPIO/ APIO are encouraged to attend training programs periodically
Training of CPIO/APIOCPIO/ APIO are sent for training
Update & publish guidelines on RTI by the Public Authorities concernedrti.gov.in
1.13Transfer policy and transfer orders[F No. 1/6/2011- IR dt. 15.4.2013] Transfer Policy

2. Budget and Programme

Sl. NoItemParticularsDetails of disclosure
2.1Budget allocated to each agency including all plans, proposed expenditure and reports on disbursements made etc.[Section 4(1)(b)(xi)]Total Budget for the public authorityRefer to relevant part of Annual Report in the below mentioned link.
2.2Manner of execution of subsidy programme[Section 4(i)(b)(xii)]Name of the programme of activity 
Objective of the programme 
Procedure to avail benefits 
Duration of the programme/ scheme 
Physical and financial targets of the programme 
Nature/ scale of subsidy /amount allotted 
Eligibility criteria for grant of subsidy 
Details of beneficiaries of subsidy programme (number, profile etc) 
Patient care services.https://nimhans.ac.in/patient-care-nim/#
2.3Particulars of recipients of concessions, permits of authorizations granted by the public authority[Section 4(1) (b) (xiii)]Concessions, permits or authorizations granted by public authorityRefer to Schedule IV of NIMHANS Act, 2013.
2.4CAG & PAC paras [F No. 1/6/2011- IR dt. 15.4.2013]CAG and PAC paras and the action taken reports (ATRs) after these have been laid on the table of both houses of the parliament.https://nimhans.ac.in/annual-reports/

3. Publicity Band Public interface

Sl. NoItemParticularsDetails of disclosure
3.1Particulars for any arrangement for consultation with or representation by the members of the public in relation to the formulation of policy or implementation there of [Section 4(1)(b)(vii). NA
3.2Are the details of policies / decisions, which affect public, informed to them[Section 4(1) (c)] NA
3.3Dissemination of information widely and in such form and manner which is easily accessible to the public [Section 4(3)]Use of the most effective means of communication 
(i) NIMHANS Websitenimhans.ac.in
(ii) Patient Care Services.https://nimhans.ac.in/patient-care-nim/
(iii) Researchhttps://nimhans.ac.in/research/
(iv) NIMHANS Geriatric Clinic Serviceshttps://nimhans.ac.in/geriatric-clinic-services/
(v) NIMHANS Digital Academyhttps://nimhansdigitalacademy.in/
3.4Form of accessibility of information manual/ handbook [Section 4(1)(b)]Information manual/handbook available inhttps://nimhans.ac.in/health-information-nimhans/
   (i) Electronic formatYes
   (ii) Printed formatYes
3.5Whether information manual/ handbook available free of cost or not [Section 4(1)(b)]List of materials availablehttps://nimhans.ac.in/publication/about-the-facility/
   (i) Free of costYes
   (ii) At a reasonable cost of the mediumYes

4. E. Governance

Sl. NoItemParticularsDetails of disclosure
4.1Language in which Information Manual/Handbook Available [F No. 1/6/2011-IR dt. 15.4.2013](i) EnglishEnglish/Kannada/Hindi
(ii) Vernacular/ Local Language
4.3Information available in electronic form[Section 4(1)(b)(xiv)](i) Details of information available in electronic formwww.nimhans.ac.in
(ii) Name/ title of the document/record/ other informationGeneral Information
Patients Portal
Customer Service Portal
Blood Donors Portal
(iii) Location where available www.nimhans .ac.in
4.4Particulars of facilities available to citizen for obtaining information [Section 4(1)(b)(xv)](i) Name & location of the faculty www.nimhans .ac.in/departments
(ii) Patient care and ORS booking systemhttps://nimhans.ac.in/patient-care-nim/
(iii) Working hours of the facility library or reading room,https://nimhans.ac.in/library/
(iv) Contact person & contact details (Phone, fax email)Phone: 080 – 26995000
Email: ms@nimhans.ac.in
Enquiry: 080 – 26995530
4.5Such other information as may be prescribed under section 4(i) (b)(xvii)(i) Details of applications received under RTI and information provided 
(ii) List of completed schemes/ projects/ Programmes 
(iii) List of schemes/ projects/ programme underway
(v) Details of all contracts entered into including name of the contractor, amount of contract and period of completion of contract 
(vi) Annual Reporthttps://nimhans.ac.in/reports-msc/
4.6Receipt & Disposal of RTI applications & appeals [F.No 1/6/2011-IR dt. 15.04.2013](i) Details of applications received and disposed 
(ii) Details of appeals received and orders issued 
4.7Replies to questions asked in the parliament[Section 4(1)(d)(2)]Details of questions asked and replies given