"MindSpace" and "Knowledge Nook" Nimhans Centre for Well Being

“MindSpace” and “Knowledge Nook”

“MindSpace” and “Knowledge Nook” are two of NCWB’s novel spaces focused on knowledge and learning.

MindSpace - A space for lectures, discussions, workshops and exchange of ideas.

Knowledge Nook- An information centre providing material on Mental Health and related concepts, and a space to read and contemplate in silence.

MindSpace: A well-lit space, colourful yet pleasant, “MindSpace” is a spacious place arranged for the purpose of offering learning programs and activities that combine education with a conducive environment. Placed on the top floor, and windows facing the branches and leaves of tress brings a touch of freshness to the environment in the space.

Knowledge Nook: With bright nature’s light pouring in, “Knowledge Nook” is a cozy space where you can settle down with a book and read undisturbed. Arranged with information about important health conditions, remedies, manuals and plenty of other material for teachers, parents, adolescents and others, Knowledge Nook welcomes anybody to use the facility for their benefit.

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