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Psychiatric Epidemiology

In the past, research focus in this area has been on service utilization patterns, pathways to care, mental health behaviour surveillance, maternal mental health, child mental health and others. Specific contributions to the Report of Macroeconomics Commission and Health has been made apart from focusing on specific issues in mental health in India. Specific and in continuation projects have been undertaken on alcohol and tobacco. Harm from alcohol to individuals, families and society has been systematically documented in the last decade through various projects. The contribution of the department in psychiatric epidemiology has been in the areas of – estimating the burden and impact of mental disorders, studies of risk behaviours, understanding service utilization patterns, role of complementary systems of medicine in managing mental disorders, translating research to programmes and policies, and providing technical inputs to individuals and organizations. Research activities have focused on substance abuse (tobacco and alcohol), geriatric mental health, child mental health, suicide prevention, maternal mental health, service utilization and others in collaboration with the Departments of Psychiatry and Addiction Medicine, NIMHANS.

CPH in future will strongly focus on applying public health principles and tools for strengthening National Mental Health Programme and District Mental Health Programme. For details and regular updates, please visit [Link]

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