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Non-Communicable Disease Epidemiology

With changing health scenario, India is facing the double epidemic of Communicable Diseases and Non- Communicable Disorders (NCDs) including mental and neurological disorders and injuries. Activities in this area have focused on strengthening mortality information systems, risk factors of NCDs, service utilization patterns and others. Under a programme initiated and implemented by the division of NCDs in WHO-SEARO, capacity strengthening of policy makers and programme managers has been conducted in several countries of the region. The specific modules have focused on introduction and overview, social determinants, burden and impact of NCDs, risk factors, globalization and impact, evidence based public health interventions, challenges to public health and inter-sectoral coordination, formulating public health policies for NCDs prevention and control, role of surveillance and research, monitoring and evaluation, measuring cost-effectiveness and, global, regional and national initiatives. For details and regular updates, please visit the WHO-SEARO website.

Noncommunicable diseases in the South-East Asia Region: Situation and response 2011

Author: World Health Organization, Regional Office for South-East Asia

Year: 2011