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Post-Doctoral Fellowship

There is a progressive increase in the number of patients with Parkinson’s disease, Parkinsonian syndromes and other movement disorders as a consequence of increase in population as well as better care and greater longevity. This warrants greater availability of specialized service by neurologists trained in movement disorders. Keeping in mind our commitment to manpower development in India, the Department of Neurology offers a one-year Post-Doctoral Fellowship (PDF) course in Movement Disorders. This course was stared in 2012, and since then 9 fellows have completed the fellowship program.  

We provide supervised training to the post-doctoral fellows in clinical assessment, diagnostic evaluation (including neuroimaging, electrophysiology and genetics) and management of patients with a variety of common and rare movement disorders including Parkinson’s disease and other Parkinsonian syndromes (such as Progressive Supranuclear palsy, Multiple System Atrophy, Corticobasal Degeneration, etc.), Tremor, Dystonia, Ataxias, Chorea, etc.

The fellows will receive hands-on training in administering Botulinum toxin injection in patients with focal dystonia, hemifacial spasm and a variety of other conditions.

They will also participate in the ongoing functional neurosurgery program for Movement Disorders (which include lesional surgeries and Deep Brain Stimulation) and have training in electrophysiological evaluation (including transcranial magnetic stimulation) of Movement Disorders.

Minimum requirement for admission:  DM in Neurology OR DNB in Neurology.

(Note: Indian National Applicants who are permanent employees sponsored/deputed by the State/Central Government or Public Sector undertakings of State/Central Government or Institutions/Universities can also apply.)

Seats offered

Session 1: 01 seat under ‘Institute Stipendiary Category’

                 01 seat under ‘Sponsored Category’

Session 2: 01 seat under ‘Institute Stipendiary Category’

Please visit the NIMHANS website for further information pertaining to procedure of application, and dates of exam.  

Click here for PDF containing detailed description of the fellowship curricula.


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