• NIMHANS, Hosur Road, Bangalore, India – 560029

The Parkinson’s disease and movement disorders subspeciality has a well-established and robust teaching program in movement disorders which aims to foster and develop the field of movement disorders among the medical fraternity.  This ranges from a dedicated post-doctoral fellowship in movement disorders for neurologists, to teaching sessions in phenomenology of movement disorders for general medicine residents.  In addition, during their subspeciality postings, residents pursuing DM Neurology are provided with intensive training in movement disorders with an attempt to foster a better understanding of the field and develop an interest in pursuing the subspeciality in the future.  

As part of the routine training program, there are weekly presentations by the movement disorder fellows and residents which encompass the following:

  • Video rounds: Challenging cases admitted in the wards are discussed, with an in-depth assessment of history, examination and investigations, and thorough review of literature.
  • Pre-functional neurosurgery (DBS/ Lesioning) discussions: Patients admitted for pre-surgical evaluation are discussed to assess suitability for surgery.
  • Journal club: Recent advances in movement disorders are reviewed via discussion of research articles.
  • Subject seminars: Specific topics in movement disorders are discussed in detail to provide a thorough overview.
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