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OPD Services

Parkinson’s disease and movement disorders sub-specialty (PDMDS) out-patient department (OPD) services comprise of

  1. F1-OPD: Patients visiting NIMHANS for the first time
  2. F2-OPD and Parkinson’s disease and movement disorders (PDMD) clinic: Follow-up patients, i.e., after the first visit and have a registered N number.

The OPD schedule of our team is as follows.

Consultant New patients and patients with only UHID Follow-up patients with N number
Dr. Pramod Kumar Pal Thursday Wednesday 1st and 3rd Saturday of every month
Dr. Ravi Yadav Monday Thursday
Dr. Nitish Kamble Thursday Wednesday
Dr. Vikram V Holla Thursday Wednesday

Dr. Dwarakanath Srinivas, Neurosurgeon, will be available every Saturday in Neurosurgery OPD for both new and follow-up patients.

How to register for a first visit consultation?


The registration counter for the OPD opens at 08:00am and closes at 11:30am.  Registration will be done on a first come first serve basis.  Patients with a referral letter from a registered medical practitioner, a hospital, or a neurologist from NIMHANS (email communication) will be sent directly to the concerned consultant in the F1-OPD.  Those without a referral letter will be screened by a doctor and based on the disease, the patient will be either referred to the Neurology F1-OPD, or to another clinical department such as neurosurgery/psychiatry, etc.  If the patient, wants to consult anyone from our team, they have to come to the F1-OPD on either on a Monday or Thursday. Please note, if the patient has already been seen in the F1-OPD on any other day by a different consultant, we need the concerned consultant’s permission/ referral prior to evaluation by us.

How can I take an appointment?

You can avail online appointment services for NIMHANS by clicking the following link https://ors.gov.in/index.html.  Please make sure that you take an appointment for either a Monday or a Thursday based on which doctor you want to consult (refer to the table above).  You may also write to us at mds.nimhans@gmail.com with the subject “APPOINTMENT” to check for availability of doctors of our team.  Please note that patients will be seen in an order based on the token number issued on the day of their consultation.  We cannot book any time slots for the evaluation.

What to expect in the F1-OPD?

You/your patient will be seen based on the token number.  Please wait patiently till your turn comes, as you/your patient will be seen on the same day by a doctor from our team.  Once your turn comes, you will first be evaluated by a resident doctor who will collect your clinical details and perform a detailed examination.  Following this, your case will be discussed with a movement disorder specialist from our team. Please note that you will have to wait for this discussion.

Please do not skip medications or fast on the day of your visit unless you are specifically instructed to do so.  After the consultation, the doctor may advise further investigations, referral to other clinical services, advise medications and/or may advise for admission for detailed evaluation and further management. PLEASE BRING ALL YOUR PREVIOUS REPORTS, MRI/CT FILMS, MEDICATIONS OR ANY OTHER DOCUMENTS RELEVANT TO YOUR ILLNESS.

What is the procedure for follow-up?

Following the first visit, the follow-up day is Unit specific, and will be written on the hospital card that is provided following opening of a file.  Please note that registration timings for the F2-OPD is 09:00am to 01:00pm.

How can I visit the PDMD clinic?

The PDMD clinic is a follow up clinic and you will be advised by your doctor if you need to visit the PDMD clinic.

Note:  For those patients whose files have not been opened, follow up has to occur on their respective F1-OPD days till the file is made. Following the first visit, patients need not go back to the new registration counter or the screening block and they can directly register at their respective F2-OPD/PDMD clinic registration counter.

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