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Inpatient Care

Patients will be admitted for either for detailed evaluation in case of diagnostic uncertainty, or for drug optimization. Those being considered for Deep Brain Stimulation (DBS) and lesioning surgeries are admitted for presurgical evaluation and counselling. The decision to admit lies with the treating doctor and depends on the patient’s condition, health status, ailment and the need for admission. Please note that admission will be done subject to availability of bed and those requiring urgent inpatient care will be given priority.

What type of wards are available?

    1. Male general ward (Only for adult male patients)
    2. Female general ward (Only for adult female patients)
    3. Pediatric general ward (Only for children <18 years age of either gender)General wards with rate concession (Patients with BPL or low-income certificate)
  1. Special wards with 100% charges.
      1. Male special ward (Only for male patients – twin sharing room)
      2. Female special ward (Only for female patients – twin sharing and single room)
      3. A- Block special rooms (For either gender – Single rooms only)
      4. B- Block special rooms (For either gender – Twin sharing and single room)
      5. Deluxe AC rooms (For either gender – Single rooms only)

Beds may not always be immediately available and in a case, the patient name will be entered in a waiting list and will be called 1-2 days prior to the availability of the bed for admission. Please note that deluxe rooms will be allotted only by the RMO based on the room availability and only with the treating doctor’s consent to admit.  As per hospital rules, those eligible for Below Poverty Line (BPL) facilities cannot avail subsidised services if they choose to get admitted in special wards.

What to expect after admission?

Once the treating doctor decides to admit you, you will be sent to the admission counter to provide details and for payment based on the chosen wards. You will be received by the nursing staff who will explain to you the rules and regulations of the hospital and the visit times of the doctors, therapists and residents. PLEASE BRING ALL YOUR PREVIOUS PREESCRIPTIONS, REPORTS, CT/MRI FILMS, MEDICATIONS AND ANY OTHER AVAILABLE DOCUMENTS RELEVANT TO YOUR AILMENT.

The patient will undergo detailed clinical examination and appropriate investigations by the treating doctors. If necessary, allied department services will be sought based on the patient’s ailment. The treating doctor may ask you to stop the medication you are on for a defined time period to assess the medication effect.  Following informed consent, videos of your clinical signs may be recorded for documentation and monitoring.  You may also be referred to various other departments and therapies depending on your need.

Does anyone need to stay with patient/ how many attendants can stay with the patient?

In-patient admission to Neurology wards is done only when another relative/ family member or a close confidant is available to stay with the patient around the clock. Certain regulations exist for the attendant in general wards. For instance in the female wards, a female attendant is a must, in male wards, male attendants are preferred; and children need to be admitted with a female attendant.  Only one attendant can stay with the patient both in the general ward as well as in the special rooms. No more than 2 Visitors are allowed and only during the designated visiting periods. This is hospital policy and is non-negotiable for safety and security reasons.

How long do I have to stay at the hospital?

We usually admit patients for 7 to 10 days, however, this may be variable depending on the patient’s clinical status and ailment.

What is the discharge process?

The discharge date is intimated by the treating doctor well in advance. Be sure to prepare yourself for discharge and clarify all your needs with the resident. A discharge summary from the hospital with all treatment details will be provided with a prescription for medication.  For insurance and other claims/reimbursement, bills will need to be submitted in the reimbursement office.

How to follow up after the discharge?

At the time of discharge, you will be given a follow up date that coincides with the treating consultant’s/team’s follow up schedule (Refer OPD services page for OPD day details). Please note you should always consult your respective doctor only on their F2-OPD days. If the doctor has advised to follow up in the PDMD clinic, then please visit the PDMD clinic either on a 1st or 3rd Saturday of the month in the speciality clinic building adjacent to the main OPD building. Please note that registration timings for F2-OPD is 09:00 AM to 01:00 PM and for PDMD clinic is 10:00 AM to 01:00 PM on the respective days. OPD and clinic will be closed on declared holidays.

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