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Botulinum Toxin Clinic

Botulinum toxin clinic is regularly held every Friday in Electrophysiology (EP) Lab, 1st Floor, Neuro Centre. Patients who want to avail this service have to consult any one from our team in F1-OPD during their first visit where they will be assessed and informed regarding the botulinum toxin therapy. Thereafter, the patient will be given an appointment for the botulinum toxin therapy clinic. Subsequently, regular planned injections can be taken by coming directly to the Botulinum toxin clinic with prior appointment. In case the patient needs re-evaluation, wants to consult the movement disorder specialist for lack of response, any side effects or any other ailment, they are advised to visit F2-OPD or PDMD clinic on their respective days. Please note that patients visiting for the first time without prior consultation in F-1 OPD will not be seen directly in the Botulinum toxin clinic.

We offer Botulinum toxin therapy for various indications in movement disorders such as:

  • Dystonia: Blepharospasm (Excessive eye blinking), cervical (neck) dystonia, oromandibular (mouth and jaw) dystonia, lingual (tongue) dystonia, laryngeal (vocal cord) dystonia or spasmodic dysphonia, writer’s cramp and other task specific dystonia, foot dystonia and other focal dystonia
  • Hemifacial spasm (abnormal twitching on one side of the face)
  • Other indications such as sialorrhea (abnormal drooling), tremor, spasticity, tics in selected cases.
  • Based on the type of dystonia, whenever necessary and indicated, EMG and/or USG guided injection of botulinum toxin may be performed.

The routinely used formulations of botulinum toxins at our institute are:

  1. Onabotulinum toxin A – BOTOX®
  2. Abobotulinum toxin A – DYSPORT®
  3. Incobotulinum toxin A – XEOMIN®

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