• NIMHANS, Hosur Road, Bangalore, India – 560029

The NIMHANS Parkinson’s disease and movement disorders subspeciality (PDMDS) has a dedicated and experienced team of movement disorder specialists who strive to provide multidisciplinary and holistic clinical care and evaluation with the help of our allied departments.  We perform:

  • Detailed clinical evaluation for a wide range of movement disorders ranging from Parkinsonian disorders to functional movement disorders.
  • Investigations including high resolution MRI scans, Functional MRI, electrophysiology (tremor recording, evaluation of myoclonus, transcranial magnetic stimulation, etc.), screening for metabolic disorders, dynamic posturography (assessment of balance), gait analysis, evaluation of sleep (polysomnography), assessment of autonomic function.
  • Botulinum toxin therapy for a range of dystonia
  • Functional neurosurgeries such as deep brain stimulation and lesioning surgeries
  • Referrals to linked specialized services at NIMHANS, which include neuropsychiatric evaluation (by psychiatrist experienced in Movement Disorders), neuropsychological assessment and cognitive and behavioural therapy, neurorehabilitation, balance and gait training, psychosocial assessment and counselling, speech therapy.
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