Other Training Programs

Other Training Programs

·         Fellowship in Cognitive Behaviour Therapy

The Behavioural Medicine Unit, Department of Clinical Psychology, offers a one-year full-time clinical fellowship in CBT, for Postgraduates who have completed their MPhil in Clinical Psychology from an RCI recognized Institute. A total of four seats (two under institute fellowship and two under sponsored category) are offered. Candidates are required to qualify in the Institute entrance exams for the fellowship program.

 Those deputed from other organizations can be admitted to the course based on the criteria that they have completed a full-time two year MPhil in clinical psychology and are permanent employees of their organization, in addition to qualifying in the examination. 

The fellowship is designed to provide candidates with clinical exposure and training in the practice of behavioural and cognitive behavioural interventions and third-wave behaviour therapies.

 Selected candidates are posted to the  Behavioural Medicine Unit,  Department of Clinical Psychology.

 ·         Fellowship in Clinical Neuropsychology

The course provides further in-depth training in Clinical Neuropsychology for Clinical Psychologists who have had basic training in this subject during their 2-year MPhil training.  The candidate will undergo training in neuropsychological assessment, neuropsychological rehabilitation (cognitive rehabilitation) and psycho-social interventions for neurological, neurosurgical, and neuropsychiatric conditions as part of the clinical services in the Clinical Neuropsychology and Cognitive Neuroscience Centre (CNCNC), Department of Clinical Psychology. The candidate will undergo the training via the clinical services under supervision of the faculty members of CNCNC, participate actively in the unit academic programs.

 ·         Child and adolescent therapy and family therapy

(6 months)


·      Positive Psychology Perspective:  Research, Education and Communication for Health: P3REACH  (1 month)


For details of above courses: Please refer NIMHANS Prospectus

Diploma in Community Mental Health-Psychologist