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The Centre for Addiction Medicine, NIMHANS has a strong focus on research since its inception. The research directions have been shaped, both by its location as the Regional Resource Centre for South India as well as the research interests of the individual faculty.
A major direction has been the study of the prevalence and patterns of alcohol, tobacco and other drug use in India. This has included initiating some of the first enquiries in the country, on patterns of use, economic consequences and social cost of alcohol, normative use of alcohol among women and substance use in special risk groups which have contributed to the growing acceptance of substance use especially alcohol as a critical public health problem in India.
The other significant direction has been the study of genetic and neurobiological factors which underlie the susceptibility to addiction, especially in young people.
Several studies have examined pharmacological and non-pharmacological interventions for persons with substance abuse problems.

The Centre for Addiction Medicine, as part of its mandate, has developed a small-grants research fund to enable exploratory or preliminary research.


 Year  Sponsored Project Investigator Funded by Outcome
2018-21 Regional sattelite centre for Tobacco Quitline Services at NIMHANS Pratima Murthy  MoHFW, GoI  
2017-19 National Drug Use Survey Arun Kandasamy - Regional Investigator MoSJE, GoI  
2015-20  Accelerating the application of Stem cell technology in Human Disease (ASHD) Vivek Benegal - Co Investigator  Ministry of Science & Technology  
2015-18 Consortium on Vulnerability to Externalizing Disorders and Addiction (c VEDA). Vivek Benegal Medical Research Council, UK & Indian Council of Medical Research, India


2013-16 National Mental Health Survey of India Vivek Benegal Co Principal Investigator Ministry of Health, Government of India Summary
2015 Pattern and prevalence of Axis I Psychiatric Comorbidity
in patients with Substance Use Disorders – [PsyCoSUD]
2012-13  Alcohol: Harms to Others -India. Project funded by World Health Organisation and Thai Health Vivek Benegal World Health Organisation and Thai Health Monograph
2011 RCT of Baclofen in the treatment of Alcohol Dependence Vivek Benegal SPARC  
2011 Patterns & consequences of Alcohol Misuse in India - an epidemiological survey in 5 centres Vivek Benegal WHO-India Monograph
2011 Double blind trial of homeopathic remedies in alcohol dependence Vivek Benegal Soukya Foundation  
2008-10 Mental Health and Substance use in Prisons  Suresh Badamath KSLSA, Bangalore Monograph
2009 Prevalence of substance use disorder in first episode psychosis Prabhat Chand Deaddiction centre, NIMHANS  
2009 Assessment of Indicators of Alcohol related Health Burden in the community Pratima Murthy WHO SEARO Monograph, Papers
2009 Tobacco Cessation Co-ordinating Centre Pratima Murthy WHO India Monograph, Papers
2009-10 Investigation of cortical inhibiotory circuits in individuals at high risk for alcoholDependence: A Paired-pulse Transcranial magnetic stimulation study Muralidharan K Deaddiction centre, NIMHANS Monograph, Papers
2009 The relationship of symptoms of schizophrenia and drug related side effects to areca nut use Geetha Desai Deaddiction centre, NIMHANS Monograph, Papers
2009 Correlates of anger among alcohol users Sharma MK Deaddiction centre, NIMHANS Monograph, Papers
2009 Tobacco Cessation Clinic Pratima Murthy WHO India Monograph, Papers
2008 Naturalistic follow up study of patients with substance (alcohol) use disorder Prabhat Chand WHO India Monograph, Papers
2008 Tobacco Cessation Co-ordinating Centre Pratima Murthy WHO India Monograph, Papers
2008-10 Assessment of Substance Use among  Out-of school adolescents and an exploratory intervention Vivek Benegal WHO & MOHFW, GOI Monograph, Papers
2007 MRI/MRS in Fetal Alcohol Syndrome Pratima Murthy   Monograph, Papers
2006-07 Impact of Tsunami on Alcohol misuse in the Andaman and Nicobar Islands Vivek Benegal ICMR & Action Aid, India MonographPapers
2006 Community Based HIV Prevention among Females at Risk in Bangalore Vivek Benegal World AIDS Foundation, Paris & Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation Monograph, Papers-A; B; C;
2006 Economics of Alcohol Use in India Vivek Benegal WHO SEARO Monograph, Papers
2005-06 Alcohol Policy in India Vivek Benegal WHO Geneva. Monograph, Papers
2005 Targeted Risk Reduction in Children of Alcoholics Vivek Benegal MoH&FW & WHO Monograph, Papers
2004 Multi-Centre Collaborative Project on Gender, Alcohol and Culture(GENACIS) Vivek Benegal WHO Monograph, Papers
2004 National Co-ordinating center for Tobacco Cessation Clinics Mohan Isaac MoH&FW & WHO Monograph, Papers
2004 Tobacco Cessation Clinic - Multi centre collaborative Project Mohan Isaac WHO India & MOH Monograph, Papers
2003 Project on Prevention of Drunken Driving in Bangalore City Vivek Benegal Bangalore Task Force & Police Force Monograph, Papers
2002 Evaluation of drug de-addiction centers in South India Gangadhar BN MSJE, GOI Monograph, Papers
2002 Assessment of Unrecorded Consumption of Alcohol Vivek Benegal WHO Monograph part Apart B;part Cpart D.
2002 Establishing and Monitoring Alcohol's Involvement in Casualties - Multi centre collaborative Project Vivek Benegal WHO Monograph, Papers
2001 Molecular Genetic study of Alcohol Metabolising Enzymes in the Indian Population Vivek Benegal NIMHANS Monograph, Papers
2001 Burden of Drug abuse on Women Pratima Murthy UNDCP Monograph, Papers
2001 Development of a Model District Programme for Prevention of Drug and Alcohol Problems Janakiramaiah, N WHO - NIMHANS Collaborative Project Monograph, Papers
2000 Alcoholism and Sexuality in Women Pratima Murthy NIMHANS -Ford Foundation Monograph, Papers
2001 Rapid Assessment of Drug Abuse in Bangalore Pratima Murthy UNDCP Monograph, Papers
1999 Drug Abuse Prevention Programme amongst Street and Working Children Vivek Benegal   Monograph, Papers
1998 High Risk Behavior and Substance Abuse Chandra P NIMHANS Monograph, Papers