Saturday, September 23, 2017

Trauma care

An important determinant that defines outcome in injury is the availability, accessibility and affordability of trauma care services. Trauma care or post crash care includes all activities from the time of crash / injury till the person is returned to optimum levels of functioning. It involves taking the right person to the right place within the right time to provide the required services.
The major activities of the centre in the past have focused on assessment of prehospital and in - hospital care in different research projects of Road traffic injury, Traumatic Brain Injury, Suicides and violence using mixed research methods. Trauma care assessments of RTI persons have been undertaken in urban, rural, district and highway safety projects. In addition, system assessment of emergency care and hospital care has focused on limitations in the existing system and possible areas of strengthening. Further, studies have also focused on cost of trauma care and its impact for the injured persons.

The data from various studies has been provided to policy makers, hospital administrators, trauma care specialists, professional bodies and media to strengthen trauma care services across the country. Inputs are also provided for number of training programmes for different professionals.