Monday, October 23, 2017

Our partners

The Centre collaborates with number of organizations at local, National and International levels.

Local organizations

• Karnataka State Council for Science and Technology,
• Police department,
• Transport department,
• BruhutBangalore MahanagaraPalike,
• Bangalore Road Safety Council,
• Bangalore Agenda Task Force,
• All major hospitals and medical colleges,
• Different departments of the Government of Karnataka: Health, Education, Police, Road, Transport, Social Welfare;
• Print and visual Media,
• Census department,,
• Confederation of Indian Industries,
• City and State level NGOs;
• Karnataka law commission

National organizations

• Different Departments of Government of India: Health, Transport; Home,
• IIT-New Delhi,
• National Crime Records Bureau,
• Commission on Macro-Economics and Health,
• National Human Rights Commissions; and

International organizations

• WHO India Office,
• WHO (HQ, regional and country offices and other collaborating centres) ,
• TRL,
• World Bank,
• London School of Tropical Medicine and Hygiene,
• CDC and others.