Saturday, August 19, 2017


Injuries are a leading cause of deaths, hospitalizations, disabilities and socioeconomic losses in all countries of the world, more so in Low and middle Income countries like India. The economic losses due to injuries in India are not known and are estimated to be around 5 % of GDP every year.

Road Traffic Injuries, Falls, Burns, Drowning, Poisoning, Mechanical injuries in work places, animal bites and intentional injuries like Suicides and Violence against children, women and elderly account for huge numbers of deaths and disabilities.

Global experience reveals that injuries are predictable and preventable. With implementation of evidence based and culture specific counter-measures through specific and integrated policies and programmes at different levels, it is possible to reduce the burden of injuries, thus saving lives.

In the past, centre has completed the situation analysis and the current burden of injuries in South East Asia and India.
1.    Injuries in South-East Asia – Cause for Concern and Call for Action
2.    Injuries in India – A National perspective
3.    Strategic approaches to injury prevention and control in South – East Asia