Tuesday, April 25, 2017

Disabilities and Rehabilitation

Injury will be a major cause of disabilities in the coming years with the slow decline of infectious and communicable diseases. Majority of the injured are discharged from hospitals with varying levels of disabilities that affect their physical, mental and social  health for varying periods of time. Nearly 100 % of severely injured, ~50 % of moderately injured and 10 – 20 % of mildly injured are in need of rehabilitation services.

The centre has completed research projects to identify the burden, nature, pattern, extent and impact of disabilities in the Indian society through a number of research projects. Simultaneously, research projects have also examined the current status of rehabilitation services in urban and rural India and various deficiencies have been identified. The centre, in its public Health Observatory of 1.5 million population, is working towards developing integrated and culture specific rehabilitation programmes in collaboration with local partners.