Saturday, August 19, 2017

Completed Projects

The centre is considered as a resource and knowledge hub in the area of road safety and injury prevention.  Many resource documents of the Centre are routinely used by the media professionals in the regular articles written by the media professionals.  In addition, the centre provides regular and systematic inputs to media professionals. 


1. Monitoring and Evaluation of Road Safety – 10 India Project. (Supported  by Johns Hopkins University,USA)

2. Development of Mortuary based pilot Injury Surveillance guidelines(Supported by WHO, Geneva)   


1. Bangalore Road Safety and Injury Prevention Programme (supported by WHOIndia office, India Council of Medical research,WHO – Geneva and CDC – USA)
2. Development of a District model for injury prevention and Control (Supported by Ministry of Health and Family Welfare, Government of India andWHO India Office)

3. Multi-country study on use of Nonstandard Motorcycle Helmets (Supported  by Road traffic  Injury Research Network )

4. Development of a feasibility module for  Road Traffic Injury Surveillance in  India (Supported  by WHO – ICMR)

5. Road Safety and Trauma Care on National Highway 48 (Supported  by Karnataka State Highway Improvement Programme)


1.Estimating the public health burden and impact of Road Traffic injuries and prioritizing remedial measures for prevention (Supported by World Health Organization and Ministry of Health & Family Welfare, Government of India).

2.Epidemiological baseline, casual analysis, intervention and standard treatment protocols for injuries and disabilities(Supported by National Commission on Macroeconomics and Health, ¬Ministry of Finance and Ministry of Health, Government of India).

3. Documentation of violence prevention programmes in Bangalore(Supported  by World Health Organization, Geneva).

4. Alcohol and Violence(GENACIS project)( Supported  by World Health Organization,Geneva).

5. Neurotrauma registry in NIMHANS(Supported  by NIMHANS and Southern California Injury Prevention Research Centre, UCLA School of Public Health, Los Angeles, USA)

6. Alcohol and Injuries(Supported  by World Health Organization, Geneva)   

7. Development of Protocol for Infrastructural Assessment for Development of HumanResources in Injury Prevention and Control in South East Asia.(Supported  by World Health Organization, SEARO).

8.Identification of Risk Factors and Capacity building measures for Suicide Prevention(Supported  by World Health Organization, SEARO).       
9. Socio-economic impact of Road Accidents(Supported  by Traffic Research Laboratory, UK   funded project).       


1. Pilot Testing of the WHO Project “International Classification of External Causes of Injuries” (Supported  by World Health Organization, Geneva).   

2.Epidemiology of Suicides(Supported by Karnataka State Council for Science and Technology, Bangalore.

3. Bangalore Road Accident Casualty Underreporting Study.(Supported  by Transport Research Laboratory, UK).

4.Predictive power of facial injuries for intracranial brain damage among motorcyclists. (Postdoctoral research work at SCIPPRC UCLA,USA)

5. Prevalence of disabilities among neurological and neurosurgical patients hospitalisedat NIMHANS. (Supported  by NIMHANS funded project)   

1. Epidemiology of Head Injuries.(Supported  by KSCST)

2. Study on Head Injuries and Helmets.

3. Epidemiological observations on head injury victims: Preliminary observations. (Supported  by NIMHANS)