Saturday, May 25, 2019
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Academics / Courses Conducted

The students from various speech and hearing graduate training institutions in the country are posted for two months to undergo clinical training. These student internees are supervised by the professional staff of the department during their diagnostic and therapeutic work-up to gain hands-on experience to deal with patients. They are trained in applying tests and tools for evaluation of speech and language functions; various audiological equipment and tests to evaluate the auditory system. They are trained; to develop communication methods and counseling skills using brain-behavior paradigm as well as therapeutic interventions with individualized therapy plan (ITP).

The students of ENT are posted to the department to get exposure to different audiological test instruments – application, procedure, collation and interpretation of test results with sole emphasis on neuro-auditory disorders.

The department also contributes to the manpower development of other departments in the institute by way of offering lecture classes, chairing seminars and clinical training. It also supports students both within and outside the institute in their dissertational research work.