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Neuro Sciences


1. Evaluation of the role of endothelial nitric oxide synthase gene variants in the natural history of aneurysmal subarachnoid hemorrhage. Investigators: Dr. Indira Devi B, Dr. Nagaraja D, Dr. Rita Christopher, (Funding by  ICMR, New Delhi)
1. Cortical Plasticity following intercostals musculocutaneous nerve transfer: A functional magnetic reasonance imaging study. Investigators:  Dr. Dhanjaya I.Bhat, Dr. B. Indira Devi, Dr.H.R.Arvinda (Funding by DST)
2. Surgical trial in traumatic lntracerebral haemorrhage. Investigators: Dr.S.Sampath, Dr. Jagath lal G, Dr. K.V.L.Narasinga Rao, Dr. Dhaval Shukla, Dr. Nupur Pruthi (Funding by NHS, New Castle University)
3. Chromosomal aberrations in atypical and anaplastic meningiomas: prognostic implications. Investigators: Dr. Dwarakanath Srinivas,  Dr. Vani Santosh,  Dr.Sampath S, (Funding  by DBT)
4. Atypical and anaplastic meningiomas: prognostic implications of clinicopathological features. Investigators:  Dr. Dwarakanath Srinivas, Dr. Mohd. Abdul Majid, Dr. Vani Santosh, (Funding  by NIMHANS)


1. Multi-institutional-network programme in molecular Neuro-oncology. Investigators: Dr. Vani Santosh, Dr. Yasha TC, Dr. Arivazhagan, Dr.Paritosh Pandey, Dr.  Thennarasu,  Dr. Rose Dawn (Funding by DBT)
2. Blood safety. Investigator: Dr. Sundar Periyavan (Funding by Karnataka State AIDS Control  Society)

3. Blood component separation unit and optimising availability of blood use. Investigator: Dr. Sundar Periyavan (Funding by Karnataka State AIDS Control  Society)

4. Molecular and histological analysis of neurological disorders associated with Mitochondrial DNA mutations. Investigators: Dr. Gayathri N, Dr. AB Taly, Dr. Yasha TC, Dr. Nalini A (Funding by DBT)

5. Protein Aggregate myopathies- A clinical, Pathological, immunohistochemical, molecular genetics and proteomic investigation. Investigators: Dr. Gayathri N, Dr. Nalini A (Funding by DST)
6. Studies on the seasonal variation in the ultrastructure of the renal sex segment of the lizard, Mubuya carinata. Investigators: Dr. M Bhagya, University of Mysore, Dr. BKChandrasekhar Sagar (Funding by UGC)
7. Genomic proteomic and transcriptomic profiling of tuberculous meningitis. Investigators: Dr.Akhilesh Pandey, Institute of Bioinformatics, Bangalore, Dr. Keshav Prasad, Institute of Bioinformatics, Bangalore, Dr.SKShankar,Dr. Anita Mahadevan(Funding by DBT)

8. Toxoplasma gondii genotypes in cerebral and extracerebral toxoplasmosis.Investigators: Dr.RSJayshree, Professor, Dept. of Microbiology, KIDWAI Memorial Institute of Oncology, Bangalore, Dr. SKShankar, Dr. Anita Mahadevan (Funding by ICMR)

9. Characterization of host response to C. neoformans through quantitative proteomic analysis of cryptococcal meningitis co-infected with HIV infection. Investigators: Dr. Akhilesh Pandey, Institute of Bioinformatics, Bangalore, Dr. Keshav Prasad, InstituteofBioinformatics,Bangalore, Dr.SKShankar,Dr. Anita Mahadevan (Funding by DBT)
10. Host response profile of human brain proteome in toxoplasma encephalitis.Investigators: Dr. Akhilesh Pandey, Institute of Bioinformatics, Bangalore, Dr. Keshav Prasad, Institute of Bioinformatics, Bangalore, Dr. SK Shankar, Dr. Anita Mahadevan, (Funding by DBT)
11. Understanding mechanism of HIV- associated opportunistic infections of the CNS.  Investigators:Dr. Akhilesh Pandey, Institute of Bioinformatics, Bangalore, Dr. Keshav Prasad, Institute of Bioinformatics, Bangalore, Dr. SK Shankar, Dr. Anita Mahadevan(Funding by DBT)
12. Establishment of skin punch biopsy for evaluation of peripheral neuropathies. Investigators: Dr. Anita Mahadevan, Dr.  P.Satishchandra,  Dr. ABTaly,Dr. SKShankar (Funding by DBT)
13. Role of CNS opportunistic infections in subsequent development of HIV Encephalitis.Investigators: Dr.Carlos Pardo, John Hopkins University, USA, Dr.SKShankar,  Dr.Anita Mahadevan,  Dr. P Satishchandra(Funding by NIH)

14. Subregional cytoarchitectural changes and cell cycle dysregulation in the hippocampus in patients with temporal lobe epilepsy. Investigators:  Dr.Lily Pal, Dept. of Pathology, SGPGI, Lucknow, Dr.SK Shankar,  Dr. PSatishchandra (Funding by DST)

15. Development of the human auditory cortex. Investigators: Dr. Soumya Iyengar, Additional Professor and Scientist V, NBRC, Manesar, Gurgaon, Dr.SK Shankar, Dr. Anita Mahadevan
16. Immunohistochemical studies of involvement of proinflammatory protein S100A9 in traumatic brain injury conditions. Investigators:  (Collaboration of HBTR) Dr. SK Shankar, Dr. Anita Mahadevan, Prof. Ludmilla A. Morozova-Roche, Professor in Medical Biophysics, Sweden

17. Diagnosis of Alzheimer’s disease using fluorescent probes.  Investigators: Dr. T Govindaraju, Assistant Professor, Bio-organic Chemistry Laboratory, JNCASR, Bangalore, Dr.Anita Mahadevan

18. In vivo protein interaction network of P.falciparum from severe cerebral malaria patients.Investigators: (Collaboration of HBTR) Dr. SK Shankar, Dr. Anita Mahadevan, Dr.Namita Surolia, Molecular Biology and Genetics Unit, Jawaharlal Nehru Centre for Advanced Scientific Research, Bangalore
19. Identification of Cav 1.3 splice variants in SNpc in Parkinson’s disease.Investigators: (Collaboration of HBTR)  Dr. SK Shankar, Dr. Anita Mahadevan, Prof. Vijayalakshmi Ravindranath, Centre for Neuroscience, Indian Institute of Science,Bangalore
20. A retrospective study to evaluate genes expressed in Notch Pathway, prognosis and treatment response in gliomas (Provided Control brain tissues only). Investigators:  (Collaboration of HBTR)  Dr. SK Shankar, Dr. Anita Mahadevan, Dr.  Rajeswari Narayanappa, Department of Biotechnology, DSCE, Bangalore


1. Monitoring and evaluation of road safety–10 India project. Investigator: Dr. Gururaj G (Funding by Johns Hopkins University, USA)
2. Development of population based rural stroke registry in India. Investigator: Dr. Gururaj G (Funding by ICMR, New Delhi)
3. Adolescent and youth health survey at Himachal Pradesh. Investigators: Dr. G Gururaj, Dr. Pradeep BS (Funding by National Rural Health Mission – Himachal Pradesh)
4. The burden attributable to headache disorders in the general population of India Phase I: A community based survey in Karnataka State. Investigators: Dr. Gururaj, Dr. Girish N, Dr. Girish B Kulkarni, Dr. Kavita R, Dr. Subbakrishna DK,  (Funding by Global Campaign)
5. National mental health survey, Kolar pilot study. Investigator: Dr. Gururaj G, (Funding by MH&FW)
6. Analysis of highway crashes and determinants in Kolar district. Investigator: Dr. G Gururaj (Funding by Road Traffic Injury Network (RTIN)
7. The Burden attributable to headache disorders in the general population of India Phase 2: Cochrane systematic reviews. Investigators: Dr. Girish N, Dr. Girish B Kulkarni, Dr. Gururaj G, Dr. Thennarasu K (Funding by Lifting the Burden)
8. Developing and implementing an integrated mental health promotion services for youth through a district empowerment model in Karnataka – Youth policy 2012 initiative. Investigators: Dr. G Gururaj, Dr. Pradeep BS, Dr. Seema Mehrotra (Funding by Department of Youth Empowerment and Sports)
9. Patterns and consequences of alcohol misuse in India – a 5 region study. Investigators: Dr. Vivek Benegal, Dr. Girish N, Dr. Gurruaj G, Dr. Pratima Murthy, Dr. Prabhat Chand (Funding by WHO India Country Office)
10. Iodine deficiency disorders–resurvey in Kolar. Investigator: Dr. Girish N, (Funding by IDD Cell, Govt. of Karnataka)
11. Household burden of severe psychiatric conditions a study from India, a developing country. Investigators: Dr. Srikala Bharath Dr. Girish N (Funding by Sanofi Venties)
12. Patient satisfaction survey at NIMHANS. Investigators: Dr. Girish N, Dr. Gururaj G, Dr. Sateesh V

13. Assessment of perceived needs and barriers for care among patients with Stroke and unipolar depression. Investigators: Dr. Gautham MS, Dr. Girish B Kulkarni, Dr. Santosh Loganathan, Dr. Gururaj G (Funding by NIMHANS)
14. Community follow-up study of Parkinsonism patients seen at NIMHANS.  Investigators: Dr. Vivek Gupta, Dr. G Gururaj, Dr. Pramod Pal, Dr. Ravi Yadav (Funding by NIMHANS Intramural Grant)
15. Stigma experience and related barriers of help-seeking in psychosis, depressive disorders and alcohol use disorders: a hospital based exploratory study. Investigators: Dr. Senthil Amudhan R, Dr. Girish N, Dr. Santosh Loganathan, Dr. Arun K (Funding by NIMHANS)
16. Pilot study on youth mental health behavior survey in Bangalore: Phase 1-Development of methodology and questionnaire validation. Investigators: Dr. Sunitha Singh, Dr. Gururaj G (NIMHANS Intramural funding)
17. Impact of a school based health education program for epilepsy awareness among teachers and school children. Investigator: Dr. Meena KS, Dr. Vivek Gupta (Funding by NIMHANS)


1. Comparison between suction above cuff endotracheal tube (SACETT) and standard endotracheal tube (SETT) on the incidence of ventilator associated pneumonia in Neuro ICU. Investigators: Dr.  Sriganesh K, Dr. Sritam, Dr. Ramesh VJ, Dr. Bhadrinarayan V, Dr. Veenakumari HB, Dr. Ravikumar R

2. Evaluation of the effects of 1% propofol on the cortical and sub-cortical areas of the brain using functional magnetic resonance imaging technique. Investigators: Dr. Sriganesh K, Dr. Saini J, Dr. Bhat DI (Funding by NIMHANS)
3. Acute kidney injury in traumatic brain injury. Investigators: Dr. Sriganesh K, Dr. GS Umamaheswara Rao
4. Blood pressure – Plethysmographic time lag as a model to quantify systemic vascular resistance: Design and validation. Investigators: Dr. Ramesh VJ, Dr. M Radhakrishnan (Funding by Life Sciences Research Board, DRDO, New Delhi)

5. Heart rate variability as a tool to assess autonomic nervous system in patients with neurosurgical disorders. Investigators: Dr. M Radhakrishnan, Dr. Ramesh VJ (Funding by DST)
6. A Multicenter, Prospective, Observational Registry for assessment of clinical outcomes in Indian adult (≥18-40 years, ≥41-65 and >65 years) inpatients undergoing surgery ≥2 hours duration during Suprane ® Anaesthesia. Investigators: Dr. Ramesh VJ, Dr. M Radhakrishnan (Funding by Baxter India Ltd.)

7. Evaluation of the incidence of coagulopathy and its effect on outcome in patients with traumatic brain injury (TBI). Investigators: Dr. Sonia Bansal, Dr. Bhadri V Narayan, Dr. Rohini Surve, Dr. B Madhusudhana Rao (Funding by ISNACC)

8. Pre-Clinical and clinical imaging of microvasculature with quantitative photoacoustic microscopy. Investigators: Dr. Manojit Pramanik, EE Department, IISc Bangalore, Dr. GS Umamaheswara Rao (Funding by NIMHANS)
9. Confirmation and molecular characterization of hospital- and community-acquired staphylococcus aureus (HA and CA - MRSA) by polymerase chain reaction. Investigators:  Dr. HB Veenakumari, Dr. GS  Umamaheswara Rao (Funding by ICMR)


1. fMRI correlates of auditory discrimination in auditory Dys-synchrony: A Voxel-based Morphometry Study. Investigators: Dr. Rose Dawn Bharath, Dr. AK Gupta, Dr. Jayaram V, Mr. Naveen  (Funding by NIMHANS)

2. Brain organization in normative multilingualism. Investigator: Dr. Rose Dawn Bharath (Funding by DST)
3. The role of T2* perfusion in therapeutic response assessment of CNS tuberculomas. Investigators: Dr. Anatharam, Dr. Rose Dawn Bharath

4. Comparison of different sequences of images for effective brain tumor detection, segmentation and volume measurement. Investigators: Dr. Chandrajit Prasad, Dr. A.K Gupta (Funding by NIMHANS)


1. Lafora body disease – Role of malin and ubiquitin protisome pathway in the pathogenesis. Investigators: Dr.Nihar Renjen Jena, Dr.PSatishchandra, Dr.Sudeendra Rao, NBRC, New Delhi (Funding by DST)

2. Kerala-Einstein Study: Healthy lifestyle, vascular disease, and cognitive decline. Investigators: Dr. PS  Mathuranath, Dr. Joe Verghese (Funding by National Institute of Health (NIH)

3. TMS as a biomarker to differentiate cortical dementias.  Investigator: Prof. Dr. SR Chandra
4. Factors determining cognitive impairment in neurocysticercosis.Investigator: Dr. SRChandra

5. Role of the aldosterone synthase CYP11B2 T-344C polymorphism in vascular cognitive dysfunction associated with SVD. Investigator:  Prof.Dr. SR Chandra 
6. Genetic determinants of cognitive impairment in cerebral small vessel disease. Investigators: Dr. Chandra SR, Dr. Rita Christopher, (Funding by ICMR, New Delhi)

9. Factors determining course and prognosis in tuberculous meningitis.Cognitive functions in idiopathic Parkinsonism. Investigators: Dr.Sikandar Adwani, Dr. SR Chandra

10. Glucocerebrosidase mutation in Parkinson’s disease -3 years.  Investigators:  Dr. Pramod Kumar Pal, Dr. Ravi Yadav (Funding by DBT)

11. Genetics of movement disorders: Genotype-phenotype correlates in ataxias and Huntington’s disease. Investigator: Dr.Pramod Kumar  Pal (Funding by ICMR)

12. Modulation of clinical features and cortical excitability following low frequency repetitive transcranial magnetic stimulation in Writer’s Cramp and Primary Writing Tremor. Investigators:Dr. Pramod Kumar Pal, Dr. Ravi Yadav (Funding  by Others)

13. Gray and white matter correlates of REM sleep behaviour disorder and psychosis in Parkinson’s disease.Investigator: Dr.Pramod Kumar Pal (Funding by ICMR)

14. Detection of known and new genetic mutations and phenotype-genotype correlation in Wilson’s disease from south Indian cohort. Investigators: Dr.  Sanjib Sinha, Dr. AB Taly (in association with IISc, Bangalore—fundingby DBT)

15. Sleep architecture and disorders in patients with Juvenile Myoclonic Epilepsy (JME) syndrome: A polysomnographic (PSG) study.Investigators: Dr. Sanjib Sinha, Dr. P Satishchandra, Dr. AB Taly (Funding by DST)

16. Automated portable epilepsy-EEG system with axxonet systems. Investigators:  Dr. P Satishchandra, Dr. S. Sinha, in association with Axxonet technologies, Bangalore (Funding by DBT)

17. Development of Intra-operative ECoG and depth recording electrodes for surgery for refractory epilepsy - part 1. Investigators: Dr. S Sinha, Dr. P Satishchandra (Funding by DEBEL/SBMT)

18. Towards identification of novel genes for reflex epilepsy (hot water epilepsy) triggered by tactile and temperature stimuli.Investigators: Dr. A Anand, JNCASR, Dr. S Sinha, Dr. P Satishchandra (Funding  by ICMR)

19. Genetic Analysis of the Beta-glucocerebrosidase gene in South Indian patients with Parkinson’s disease.Investigators: Prof. Arun Kumar, IISc, Prof. Pramod Kumar Pal, Dr. Ravi Yadav (Funding by DBT)

20. The role of metals in the etio-pathogenesis of Parkinson’s disease.Investigators:Dr.  Pramod Kumar Pal, Dr. Rita Christopher, Dr. Ravi Yadav, Dr. Rose Dawn Bharath, Dr. Jitender Saini(Funding by DBT)
21. Exploring subclinical cerebellar dysfunction in patients with essential tremor, primary writing tremor and Writer’s cramp by quantitative characterization of ocular movements and eye –hand coordination and advanced neuroimaging techniques.Investigators:Dr. Pramod Kumar Pal, Dr. K Thennarasu, Dr. Jitender Saini, Dr. Ravi Yadav (Funding by DBT)

22. Spectrum of autoantibody expression in generalized myasthenia gravis: Clinical phenotype and immunological correlation. Investigators: Dr Madhu Nagappa, Dr.  Anita Mahadevan, Dr. Shripad Patil, Dr. AB Taly (Funding by NIMHANS)