Saturday, August 24, 2019
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For external students who wish to undergo training

The Department of Psychopharmacology accepts students from other departments and institutes:

1. Training in psychopharmacology (lecture classes) is conducted only for students admitted to courses in NIMHANS.

2. Research training and project guidance is provided to students from other institutes:

a) Please contact the Head of the Department at least 6-9 months in advance to establish eligibility and feasibility, to discuss practical details and, most importantly, because projects need to be approved by various regulatory committees; this takes time.

b) Students are eligible if they have a background in medicine, pharmacology, or pharmacy; a knowledge of research methods; a knowledge of laboratory methods; and a background in neuroscience. Usually, students are accepted for training or project guidance only if they are currently in a Master's course.

c) Students who are considered acceptable (by the Department, in principle) would be expected to write a letter to the Director of NIMHANS seeking permission to undergo training in the Deparment. Students are allowed to use data collected during training for their dissertations; however, these data will belong to the Department, and the students will have to provide an undertaking that they will not publish such data anywhere other than in their dissertations.

d) The Head of the Department/Institute in which such students work will, at the time of application, need to provide a letter certifying the academic merits and good character of the students who are being referred for training.

e) In accordance with NIMHANS policy, persons who are not currently in an institute or organization are not eligible to apply for training in the Department.