Saturday, August 24, 2019
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Vision, Mission & Objectives


•To develop more faculty posts in the 12th and subsequent national 5 years plans.

•Focus on improved teaching for MD course, more exposure to research methods in basic and translational research (bench to community).

•Advanced training opportunities in special areas (PDF initiated, DM planned, PhD research).

•Increase in number of MD seats.

•Short-term training in psychiatry for health professionals.

To develop islands of excellence: 

1.Center for Addiction Medicine

2.Center for Ageing Mental Health

3.Center for Common Mental Disorder (CMD).

4.Center for Psychiatric Rehabilitation.

5.National Institute for Mental Health Rehabilitation

6.Center for Women’s Mental Health

7.Center for Sever Mental Illness (SMI).

8.Center for Global Mental Health.

9.Centre for Telepsychiatry & Telemedicine.

10.Centre for Forensic Psychiatry.


•Provide clinical services- Tertiary, strengthen primary & secondary, 

•Teaching and training at PG level, build capacity

•Conduct research in the causation, environmental determinants and treatments of mental disorder 

•Provide leadership and influence policy


•To provide leadership in the country for the development of Mental Health Services at various levels (from grass root to international level).

•To impart training of professionals and non-professionals in the field of Mental Health (awareness to research level).

•To develop programs and service models in Mental Health Care at various levels.

•To develop specialized training programs in various areas of interest like Child Mental Health, Community Mental Health, Family Mental Health, Deaddiction and Psychotherapy.

•To conduct continuing medical education programs.

•To extend services to both community oriented and community based services including non-psychiatric disorders, half-way homes and elderly persons.

•To focus the work in the areas of Psychiatric Epidemiology, Psychiatric Classification and other areas related to major mental disorders.

•To develop national and international collaborations for research group.

•To develop health education materials to both professionals and non-professionals in the field of Mental Health.