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Public education, Policy & Advocacy

Department of Psychiatry of NIMHANS has a long tradition of involvement in extra-mural activities, and believes in sharing of its knowledge and expertise and partner / collaborate with agencies and institutions that share common concerns in promotive and curative aspects of mental health. These have encompassed a variety of areas related to mental health with numerous types of organizations.

The nature of involvement has varied – from a one-time activity to intermittent to sustained and long-term collaboration / partnership. The following is a summary of such activities in the last 5 years (2009-2014).

Nature of activities / involvement (advocacy, policy, training and public education)

•Development of Policy, programmes and guidelines in Addiction, National Mental Health Program (NMHP), Mental Health Bill Disabilities Bill & other Laws. Faculty have been members of the National Mental Health Policy Group and Planning Commission.

•Program implementation by partnership /collaboration

•Evaluation of different programmes

•Capacity building through orientation/sensitization workshops, staff training programs, resource persons for training programs, and TOT workshops

•Consultation liaison services and other forms of support services

•As resource persons for the activities of agencies /organizations 

•Public education through lectures and talks to various target groups such as students, professionals, teachers, general public etc.

•Public education through print and electronic media (popular press, books, monographs, Radio talks, phone-in programs etc)

•Publications in professional and popular press in the forms of books, pamphlets, newsletters, chapters in books, and other forms of publications

•Office bearers, committee members, etc for professional bodies