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Workshop & training

Workshops & training programs are conducted periodically for students, professionals, caregivers and our staff. 

1.One Month orientation Programme in Psychiatric Rehabilitation for professionals involved in psychiatric rehabilitation conducted in August 2012 and August 2013.

2.Symposium on ‘Recovery from Mental Illness: Towards Life beyond Symptom Relief’ one day multidisciplinary symposium on 1st Sep 2012

3.Vocational Instructors’ conference on 5th Jan 2013, for instructors in our centre to present the work done by them, understanding issues of concern for them and discussing regarding new initiatives for the care of the patients.

4.‘CME on  Recovery Oriented Services (ROSeS) for mental health’ on 16th March 2013

5.Volunteer programme: to induct good Samaritans from the community to help patients, was held on 23rdMarch 2013, 9thJuly 2013 and 24th May 2014.

6.‘National conference on research and services in Psychiatric rehabilitation: Focus on Recovery’ on 8th and 9th March 2014.

7.‘Sanjeevani Vedike’: Program for caregivers on Third Monday of every month

8.‘Caregivers education and support programme workshops’ (Funded by Dr Ramachandra N Moorthy foundation for mental health & neurological sciences): conducted on Third Tuesday of every month. 

9.Vocational section review meetings: In follow up of vocational instructor’s conference, monthly reviews of vocational sections are being done since July 2013