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 PRS caters to rehabilitation needs of clients in various settings: Daycare, inpatient, OPD and referrals from psychiatry inpatient units. PRS has various vocational sections including baking, printing, computer, candle making, weaving, crafts, plastic-moulding, carpentry, horticulture, tailoring, leather etc. Clients are trained in these vocations for varying periods of time and efforts are made to place them once they are ready. Nominal incentives are provided as reinforcement for day boarders attending PRS. Free Bus facility (limited route) is available for clients coming as day boarders for PRS.



 Our services are available for any patient with psychiatric disorder who requires rehabilitation interventions. 

The ROSeS team works with clients and their families in achieving a productive and satisfactory life. We work in close liaison with the treating team (who has referred the client to us) and other services available at NIMHANS.

 How to refer Clients to ROSeS?

Clients are referred to ROSeS in both inpatient and outpatient settings. 

 Inpatient referral:

Clients can be referred to Psychiatric rehabilitation services, DPNR building, Nursing station at ground floor from 9 AM to 4.30 PM on all working days with ‘PRS referral form for inpatients’ and patient’s file.

 OPD referral:

Clients can be referred to room MH-40, on first floor of Psychiatry Outpatient Department (OPD), from 10 AM - 2 PM on all working days. Else, patients can also be referred directly to Psychiatric rehabilitation services, DPNR building, Nurses’ station at ground floor 

In case of any difficulty or for further information, ROSeS can be contacted on 080-26995289 (Nursing station, Psychiatric rehabilitation services).

 At the time of referral, the purpose of referral, constraints and expectation from ROSeS team are mentioned to help us understand about the client to provide tailor made interventions.

After referral, ROSeS team interviews client and family members to understand their goals and challenges in achieving them. Keeping this in mind, we offer care in following settings- 

1.Day care Services


a.Referral from other units for Rehabilitation 

b.Hospitalization under ROSeS for rehabilitation

3.Out-patient Services

 Daycare services

In day care services, clients come in the morning to our centre, spend time productively under supervision and go back in evening. Usually, these are clients from in and around Bangalore. Sometimes, clients from far off places stay with families in Guest houses available in NIMHANS campus/ rented houses/ with their relatives in Bangalore to avail these services.  

The day boarder is assessed in detail by trainees posted with us.  The management plan is discussed in multidisciplinary rounds on Mondays and reviewed regularly depending on the needs. 

 The comprehensive management plan includes in addition to medication management, vocational training, help in job placement, individual and family interventions, cognitive retraining, disability assessment, certification, help in availing disability benefits, training in independent living skills and social skills training and many more interventions tailored to the client’s needs. 

 Day boarders attend services daily, for a few weeks or months. They are engaged in several activities and given vocational training so that they can be gainfully employed. 

 Expert instructors provide training to these day boarders in 


Basic computer skills

Bamboo craft

Candle making



Cotton and jute weaving

Mat weaving

Leather work



Plastic- molding


Varied crafts and

Basic home-making skills

Clients are also placed in other hospital services like Medical records department, Bio-medical engineering department, hospital laundry and other places if found suitable.

They are also trained in activities of daily living and engaged in various activities like exercise, yoga, playing and recreation by the nursing staff.

Timings, travel and charges:

•9.00am to 4.00pm on Monday to Saturday, (except on second Saturdays and general holidays).

•There is a free bus service exclusively meant to bring clients to our center and drop them back in specific areas of Bangalore.

•The charges for day-care services are Rs. 100/ month for paying patients and Rs. 25/ month for BPL patients.

•Day boarders get a monthly token incentive, depending on their involvement and performance.

Inpatient services

Inpatients admitted in other psychiatric units are referred to us for various reasons (mentioned in the referral form) like to keep patient engaged, activity scheduling, promote/develop good work habits, recreation, leisure, increase concentration, elliptical for exercise, rehabilitation counseling, assess vocational potential/aptitude, vocational training, social skills training, cognitive remediation/rehabilitation.

They are assessed by trainees posted with us. The management plan is discussed in multidisciplinary rounds on Fridays and reviewed regularly depending on the needs.

Depending on the patient’s symptomatic status and expected duration of patient’s stay we provide these interventions after making individualized plan.

Those who require intensive rehabilitation inputs are also admitted as inpatients. Clients are admitted with accompanying family members up to few months depending on the need. They are not admitted alone and for long duration. We don’t have long term stay home for clients.

Outpatient services

We are running a unique one of its kind outpatient rehabilitation services in India. The services are provided in F-12 on first floor of OPD block. The services can be availed on every Wednesday from 10 AM to 1 PM. 

The clients are seen by our team on appointment:

-More frequently (usually weekly to monthly intervals)

-For more time (for about 30 – 60 minutes)

-By the same professional on each occasion

These services cater to clients who cannot avail day care/ inpatient services or are employed outside but require rehabilitation inputs in various areas of life. There are no additional charges for outpatient services. 

The SERWICE (Services for Enhanced Recovery with Intensive and Continued Engagement) Programme:

In this programme, Psychiatry residents follow 3-4 patients through their MD/DPM course. The same therapist provides holistic regular, continuous and proactive care including medications, psychosocial interventions. The therapists are regularly supervised by the consultants.  

Route for free bus service

Morning  Departure

Bus stops

Evening Arrival

6.30 AM

 NIMHANS, Mico road Johnson market

7.00 PM

6.35 AM

Richmond road & circle

6.40 PM

6.50 AM

Munireddy palya Tannery road

6.20 PM

6.55 AM

Mekhri circle

6.10 PM

7.00 AM

BEL Entrance

6.15 PM

7.05 AM


6.10 PM

7.10 AM


6.05 PM

7.15 AM

Air force station Jalahalli west gate Peenya

5.50 PM

7.25 AM


Karnataka soap factory

5.40 PM


7.35 AM

Rajajinagar (Navrang theatre) Harishchandra Ghat

5.35 PM

7.40 AM

Devaiah park

5.30 PM

7.45 AM

Malleshwaram circle

5.25 PM

7.50  AM

City Railway Station, central theatre

5.20 PM

7.55  AM

Poyan circle, Briand  square, Cotton pet

5.15 PM

8 .00  AM


5.10 PM

8.05  AM

Nagasandhra circle

Nettakallappa circle

Gandhi bazaar

5.05 PM

8.10 AM

Jayanagara 7th block (CANARA BANK)

5.00 PM

8.15 AM

Monotype bus stop  Banashankari  2nd stage

4.55 PM

8.20 AM

Jayanagar 5th block

Sarakki/Sangam circle

4.50 PM

8.25 AM

Jayanagar 9th block,

JP.Nagar, Sanjay Gandhi hospital,

East end road

4.40 PM

8.30 AM

Swagath theatre, Byrasandra, NIMHANS

4.30 PM




Daily activity schedule for clients




08.00 AM - 08.20 AM

Receiving Clients from Bus and Attendance

08.20 AM - 08.25 AM


08.25 AM - 08.50 AM



Physical exercise :15 minutes


Breathing Exercises :5 minutes


“OM” Chanting Meditation:5minutes

08.50 AM - 09.00 AM

Reading news Paper

09.00 AM - 09.25 AM

Planned Group Activity by Students-Nurses

Or Staff Nurses Supervised by W/S and Tutor

09.25 AM - 09.30 AM

Clients report to their assigned sections for work

09.30 AM - 10.30 AM

Clients work in the assigned sections

Supervised by the Section-Instructor

10.30 AM - 11.00 AM

Break for Refreshment under supervision of Staff Nurse or  Ward Supervisor

11.00 AM - 12.30 PM

Clients Return to Work ,supervised by section Instructor

12.30 PM - 01.00 PM

Lunch Break Supervised by Staff Nurse

01.00 PM - 01.30 PM


01.30 PM - 02.00 PM

Leisure-Time Activity

02.00 PM - 03.00 PM

Few clients are selected for group – activity

(Learning activity) conducted by Staff nurse/PSW

02.00 PM - 03.30 PM

Other clients return to work in the units

03.30 PM - 03.45 PM

Coffee-Break under the supervision of the nursing staff

(All Gather in Ground Floor)

03.45 PM - 04.15 PM

Clients Report and Discuss about their experience of the Day with staff nurse.

Any Important Events/Holidays are informed to the clients, Necessary entries made in dairy for the patients to inform family members.

04.15 PM - 04.30 PM

End of the Day Attendance

**Clients who come from the wards are handed over to

The concerned staff.

** Day Boarders the Staff-nurse Ensures that they get in to the NIMHANS Bus and handover and informs the Route boy and the Driver.


1.Competitions for Clients: Painting and slogan competitions are held on occasion of World mental Health day and International day for persons with disabilities. A calendar with prize winning entries was distributed to NIMHANS faculty and staff. New Year greeting cards with paintings done by our clients were distributed to faculty and staff. Clients have also represented NIMHANS in a cricket tournament. 

2.Participation in Independence Day, Republic day functions and festivals (like Ugadhi, Ayudha Pooja, Christmas etc) organized by the Nursing team of ROSeS.

3.Picnic for patients: Clients are periodically taken out for picnic.  


Currently volunteers from various backgrounds like retired people, professional counselors, housewives, college students, and staff working in NIMHANS are coming to help in various activities. 

Mrs Warsha  Lath, a professional artist has volunteered to train our clients since December 2012 on Tuesday and Thursday from 2 pm -4 pm. The art work done by patients have been sent as entries for art exhibition conducted as a part of Asian federation of Intellectual disabilities (AFID) 2013 conference in October 2013.

Volunteers  from  Karnataka  Havyasi Apthasamalochakara  Vedike,  Sankya,  Talaash Association,  Banjara  Academy,  St.  Anne’s Degree College for women, Bangalore have been assisting clients in their recovery process. 

Collaboration with NGO’s 

We have a memorandum of understanding with Richmond Fellowship Society, India. We have collaborations with various NGOs which work in the field of persons with disability. We send our patients there for training and placements.

1.EnAble India: 2 candidates have been placed in supervised jobs.

2.Rotary Sankya

3.AWAKE (Association of Women Entrepreneurs of Karnataka), Rajaji Nagar, Bangalore.

4.Hundred hands

5.Lions club of Aditya Nagar.

6.Akshayapathra - ISKON, Bangalore: 3 candidates placed till now.

7.NithyaSaadhana, Vijaya Nagar, Bangalore: training in electronic assembly.

8.AMBA: for training intellectually disabled patients in Data entry

9.Dhyan Foundation: training in tailoring free of cost.

10.Dr Reddy’s Foundation

11.Samarthanam trust for the disabled

12.Ability in Disability

13.Yashaswini Swavalambana Trust

14.Referral of patients to various rehabilitation centers like Richmond Fellowship society homes, Family fellowship Society, Friends of NIMHANS (Chetana) - Day care centre.

Community resources to help clients

Volunteers have been helping patients in making paper bags, transport of patients, training in computers, preparing CV, arranging picnics, and in cultural activities. The programmes were attended by around 40 volunteers. The volunteers are introduced about various psychiatric disorders, dos and don’ts while interacting with patients and our felt needs and how volunteers can help. Timings about volunteering are left to volunteers from few hours to few days etc.

Currently volunteers from various backgrounds like retired people, professional counselors, housewives, college students, and staff working in NIMHANS are coming to help in various activities.

One Elliptical (Exerciser) was donated by a NIMHANS faculty for patients.

Recently, twelve computers have been donated for training patients by Rotary Sankya group.