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Services to provide occupation to patients were available from beginning of the mental hospital in Bangalore. Department of Occupational Therapy, Retraining and Rehabilitation was planned at the start of the AIIMH in 1954. Occupational therapy was given to patients in the Pavilions of the hospital till 1977 when it was shifted to Ashwini hall and was called as OCTD (Occupational Therapy Department).

In 1986, both Psychiatric and Neurologic rehabilitation services were combined under Department of Psychiatric and Neurological Rehabilitation (DPNR). In 2008, DPNR was headed by Head of Department of psychiatry.
Since 2010, Psychiatric rehabilitation is part of Department of Psychiatry and faculties from other departments are part of the services just like other psychiatry units.


Past Staff and Heads

Dr Gopinath was head of OCTD and later DPNR from 1973 to 1995. 

Dr T Murali worked from 1986 to 2008 first as faculty and later as head of department. 

Dr SK Chaturvedi worked from 1982-1986 and 2010 till date. 

Past Faculty members

Dr Jamuna Rajeswaran: Department of Clinical Psychology

Dr Kiran Rao: Department of Clinical Psychology

Dr Nagarajaiah: Department of Nursing

Dr Prakashi Rajaram: Department of Psychiatric social work

Dr Ranganathan: Department of Psychiatric social work

Dr Reddemma: Department of Nursing

Dr Vinutha: Department of Clinical Psychology