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Neurology OPD

“What are Neurological disorders”

A Neurological disorder is any disorder of the body nervous system affecting the brain, spinal cord or other nerves. Examples of symptoms include paralysis, muscle weakness, poor coordination, loss of sensation, seizures (epilepsy, fits), confusion, headache, pain and altered levels of consciousness. 

First Visit to Neurology OPD

When patient comes for a neurology consultation, they are first seen by doctors in the screening block and then referred to appropriate specialty to neurology / neurosurgery / psychiatry. There are three lines in the OPD Screening block – the General line (Line 1), the Referral line (Line 2) and Online portal (Line 3). If you have a Referral letter, from a registered medical practitioner, hospital or a neurologist from NIMHANS (via email communication) you will be registered and you will be straight sent to the Neurologist.

Details of the Consultants in the OPDs

Days Fresh OPD Follow-up OPD
Monday PSC unit MVK unit
Tuesday MVK unit ABT unit
Wednesday ABT unit PSC unit
Thursday PSC unit  
Friday MVK unit  
Saturday ABT unit  
Sunday OPD Holiday  
Consultants available in each Unit:  
PSC Unit – P Satishchandra, A Nalini, Pramod Kumar Pal, Ravi Yadav, Netravathi M  
ABT Unit – AB Taly, Sanjib Sinha, P Mathuranath, PS Bindu, Madhu N  
MVK Unit – M Veerendrakumar, SR Chandra, Girish B Kulkarni, Subasree R  

What are the type of OPDs?

New OPD (F1 in the first floor of OPD block) –   Patients who will be seen are those with: (1) first time visit, (ii) who are having the screening sheets, and (iii) previous OPD screening slips without any file.

Follow Up OPD (F-2 in the first floor of OPD block)

TIMINGS:  8 or 9 am till last patient is seen

Most Neurologic consultations require regular follow up with your treating team/ doctor. Ask your doctor about the regularity of these visits and follow their advice.

After your/ your relative’s first consultation and detailed assessment you/ your relative will be asked to come on a specific day of the week for all of the future follow up visits. Hereafter the follow up day is fixed (for example, your follow up day may fall on a Thursday, and for all future follow visits you/ your relative should come on Thursday)

Patients who may require emergency care or in case  of new neurological complaints should report to the Emergency casualty services

On a given day, depending on the time of your/ your relative’s arrival and the crowd, your waiting time is likely to vary. It is important that you patiently wait till your turn arrives, you will be seen.

How to Avail Speciality Services? 

This occurs in 2 ways:

To come to Screening OPD – Medical Officer and residents will assess the problem & patients will be sent to appropriate speciality. 

If you have a Referral letter, from a registered medical practitioner, hospital or a neurologist from NIMHANS (via email communication) you will be registered at Referral line 2 and you will be straight sent to the Neurologist.

What time the OPD starts?

Fresh OPD starts between 8-9 am, Follow-up OPD starts between 9-10 am. You can register in the OPD from 8 AM onwards until 10.30 AM.

Number of patients seen in each day ?

New OPD – 100 patients; Follow-up OPD – 200 patients

Is there facility for Online Booking?

Yes, Online booking is available for first consultation. You can avail this by registering your name one month prior to coming here through our website. It is a simple process, you can follow the steps given there, you will get SMS the date and time along with your number. Kindly bring this on that day to Screening block and go through Line 3.

Some important information on OPD consultation:

We would like to emphasise that all patients whose registered slips have been received will be seen on the same day.

Relatives of patients age  more than 60 years, children less than 1 year, patients on wheelchair and non-ambulant have to approach the counter in the first floor and will be seen by doctors on priority

Waiting period for doctor consultation varies between 30 minutes to 4 hours depending on the number of patients. BE PATIENT.