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The Department of Nursing has adequate infrastructure for research activities. There is good clinical facility and sufficient related books as well as e-journals in the library. Research is conducted by DPN, DNN, B.Sc. Nursing IV year, M.Sc. Psychiatric Nursing and Ph.D. Nursing  students at the bed side. The faculty guide the research activities of the students in the areas of neuro critical, infection control, effectiveness of structured teaching program, self care ability development among neurologically dependent and psychiatrically ill, capacity development in various levels of hospital personnel, counseling psychiatric patients and their families, follow up work on domiciliary care services in OPS and research in the community also. There are excellent clinical facilities in the areas of neuro-psychiatric nursing, neuro-nursing and community mental health, both rural and urban as well as neuro-psychiatric rehabilitation nursing. Nursing faculty are members of the departmental research review committee where meetings are conducted twice in a year to review the research work of P.G and Ph.D nursing students. The department has brought out a book compiling the abstracts of all the research conducted by PG students and faculty members. The Head of the Department collaborates with other disciplines in conducting the Ph.D course work. The department has close collaboration with all other departments of the Institute for further support in the research activities and it is a part of the multi-disciplinary team. Faculties also are involved in funded as well as non-funded ERB approved intra as well as inter and multi-disciplinary projects.

Areas of research interest:

Dr.Sailaxmi Gandhi, Additional Professor and Head: Occupational stress and stress management programs, capacity building for health personnel, school mental health, psychiatric rehabilitation, suicide prevention, maternal and infant mental health.

Dr.Prasanthi Nattala, Additional Professor: Developing and testing interventions for individuals with substance use disorders and populations impacted by substance use in significant others.

Dr.G Radhakrishnan, Assistant Professor: Nursing interventions to manage children with mental illness; Community Mental Health, Nursing Manpower Development through Digital Learning Platform, Tele Mental Health Nursing. 


Dr.Sailaxmi Gandhi, Additional Professor and Head

  • “Development, Implementation and Evaluation of a Training Program in Mental Health Care for Central Reserve Police Force (CRPF) Personnel” (Role: Co-Principal Investigator; Funding: ICMR).
  • “Maternal mental health promotion – Efficacy of training program among Auxiliary Nurse Midwives” (Role: Co-Principal Investigator; Funding: ICMR).
  • “Nursing Students’ Perception of Facilitators and Barriers Contributing to Recovery of Persons with Mental Illness” (Role: Principal Investigator, Funding: IEC Approved, Non-funded).
  • “Attitudes towards mental illness: A questionnaire based study from nurses of Primary Health Care” (Role: Principal Investigator, Funding: IEC Approved, Non-funded).

Dr.Prasanthi Nattala, Additional Professor:  

  • “Adolescent Offspring of Fathers with Alcohol Dependence (AOFAD): assessment of cognitive functions, salivary stress biomarkers, experiences and responses to their fathers’ alcohol dependence” (Role: Principal Investigator; Funding: DST, Govt. of India).
  • “Exploration of psychoactive substance and non-prescribed medication use during pregnancy and lactation among women seeking health services at selected Primary Health Centers in South Bengaluru”(Role: Principal Investigator; IEC approved, non-funded).
  • “Video-based Training Program for ASHAs in the Recognition and Brief Intervention for depressive disorders in the community” (Role: Co-Investigator; IEC approved, non-funded).

Dr. G Radhakrishnan, Assistant Professor: 

  • Effectiveness of Nurses Implemented Music Add- on Therapy (NIMAT) in managing children with behavioural problems admitted in Child Psychiatry ward, NIMHANS, Bengaluru”. (Role: Principal Investigator; Funding: NIMHANS).
  • “Attitudes towards mental illness: A questionnaire-based study from nurses of Primary Health Care”. (Role: Principal Investigator; Non-funded, submitted for ethical clearance).
  • Development and feasibility of a Vocational Rehabilitation Program for persons with Mental Illness. (Role: Co-Principal Investigator; Funding: Ministry of Social Justice, Government of India).

Research by Students: Currently there are 11 Ph.D Nursing scholars, 13 PG students, and 5 DPN/DNN students undertaking research under the guidance of the Nursing Faculty.