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Molecular Genetics Laboratory (Officer In-charge: Prof. Sanjeev Jain)

The Molecular Genetics lab has been involved in several research and molecular diagnostics projects in neuropsychiatric disorders including schizophrenia, dementia, OCD, alcoholism, spino-cerebellar ataxia, muscular dystrophy etc. In addition to candidate gene studies using case control association, lymphoblastoid cell lines are being derived from patient blood lymphocytes to have a permanent source of DNA and also use it as a model system. PBMCs are isolated from whole blood and transformed with EBV to derive LCL lines. Epigenetic studies have been initiated on alcohol samples. There has been significant overlap and exchange of knowledge between the clinic and the lab via interactions with researchers in the lab.

A project involving telomere length in dementia and Huntington’s disease has been completed.

Ongoing research activities include; Tissue culture work has been initiated for the development of lymphoblastoid cell lines as model systems to study disease biology. Under the DST-inspire program Dr Biju Viswanath has been working in the laboratory on ‘Imaging-genomics approach to identify molecular markers of Lithium response in bipolar disorder’. A post-doctoral fellow working in Centre for addiction medicine is carrying out his dissertation in the laboratory on the epigenetics of alcoholism.

The laboratory has just completed 1 funded project and currently has 4 ongoing funded projects (including one COE Grant) and 2 non funded projects. More than 40 researchers including PhD scholars, MD, MSc, B.Tech, M.Tech students and faculty from NIMHANS and other institutes are currently using the lab facility. The researchers have received awards for the research carried out in the laboratory and in the year 2013-2014, there were several publications from this lab in peer reviewed journals.

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Workshops & Symposia conducted by the lab

  • A one day symposium with University of Edinburgh and NCBS was organised to highlight the importance of use of stem cells in understanding neurological illness. The possibilities of collaborative studies between the three institutes was discussed.

  • A Lecture on ‘Application of statistical approaches in quantitative traits’ by Dr Saurabh Ghosh [ISI, Kolkata] was organised for the benefit of students and researchers in the field.


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