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Vision, Mission, Objectives

 * To promote the growth and development of mental health rehabilitation, using an integrated multidisciplinary approach, by developing it into an advanced center for clinical services in developing countries and become a self-sufficient centre for post graduate training and research in the area of mental health rehabilitation.
 * To evolve novel, innovative, indigenously developed, locally applicable, cost effective and replicable models/ programmes of mental health rehabilitation services and training in developing countries, for different settings (including Tertiary academic centres, General Hospital psychiatry Units, Psychiatry hospitals, district hospitals, Primary health care) with emphasis on rural areas which normally lack specialized services for mental health rehabilitation.
 * Provide guidance to other centres in the country interested in setting up mental health rehabilitation.

 * Service to clients with mental health problems
 * Training of manpower
 * Advanced research
 * Advocacy for persons with psychiatric disabilities
 * Guide Policy, planning and programmes

* To encourage and empower clients with mental illness and caregivers to lead an independent, productive and dignified life with help of society, industry, community leaders, governmental and nongovernmental agencies.
* To investigate in a holistic manner, the pharmacological, psychological, social, legal and economic aspects of mental health rehabilitation and to evolve suitable techniques for application in day-to-day problems.
* To develop public education programmes on mental health in association with clients with mental illness, their caregivers, mental health professionals, non-governmental agencies and media.
* To spread awareness about mental health in vernacular and popular languages among media (traditional print, electronic and social), community leaders, NGOs, Public / Private sector organizations, healthcare professionals, prospective employers, legal experts, police, industry representatives, teachers, students and other relevant stakeholders to reduce stigma and facilitate successful community reintegration of clients with mental health problems
* Facilitate exchange programs with international and national agencies engaged in mental health rehabilitation research for training of technical personnel.
* Liaison with ‘Ministry of Health and family Welfare’ and ‘Ministry of social justice and empowerment’ and in formulating and implementing policies and programmes related to mental health rehabilitation and disability.
* Conduct and disseminate research on mental health rehabilitation and disability in clients with mental illness; test effectiveness of various rehabilitation models and interventions; develop resource material for students and other centers working in mental health rehabilitation
* To attempt to improve the quality of life and decrease disability of clients with mental illnesses and their family members.