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Academics / Courses Conducted

Regular courses:

Ph.D degree: Following is the list of current Ph.D students in the department

Sl No Name of the Candidate Title of the thesis Guide
1 Ms. Maria Thomas Study on molecular aspects of pandemic influenza A (2009) H1N1 with special reference to host immune factors Dr. V. Ravi
2 Ms. Deepashri Rao A comparative study of innate and cell mediated immune responses in HIV infected individuals with and without Neurotuberculosis Dr. Anita Desai
3 Lt Col. Dr.Nandita Hazra Clinical and immunological profile of patients with Subacute Sclerosing Pan Encephalitis Dr.V.Ravi
4 Mr. Ayushman Ghosh The molecular mechanisms involved in Chikungunya virus – host cell interaction Dr.Anita Desai
5 Ms. Amita Bhagat Comparative Neurotropism of Dengue virus serotypes 1 to 4 Dr.Anita Desai
6 Ms. Sankhya Bommana A study on key factors involved in Chikungunya Virus vector competence Dr.Anita Desai

Certificate courses:

Academic Workshops/ training programmes organized/conducted:

Sl No. Name of the Programme Dates
1 Hands-on workshop on Flow Cytometry Applications June 2014
2 Hands-on training in good laboratory practices, reporting and testing in Japanese Encephalitis testing June 2014
3 Refresher Training Programme in Dengue & Chikungunya Serodiagnosis for NVBDCP Sentinel Laboratory Staff of Karnataka State March 2014
4 Hands-on workshop on PCR Technology January 2013 and 2014
7 EQAS workshop- since 2007 Every six months
8 Intercountry workshop on PCR technology sponsored by WHO-SEARO July 2010
9 National workshop on Laboratory diagnosis of Japanese encephalitis sponsored by WHO and NVBDCP. Dec 2010
10 Southern Regional training program for Officers-In-Charge, technicians and Technical Officers of State Reference Laboratories of the South Zone April 2009
  Inter-country workshop on modern techniques in rabies diagnosis for the SEARO sponsored by WHO- SEARO April 2009
  Coordinated along with WHO to organize 2 hands on workshop on modern rabies diagnostics at Bangladesh and Sri Lanka Nov 2012 and March 2013
11 Workshop on FAT for veterinary officers from the state of Karnataka Oct 2009 Jan 2010
12 Workshop on dRIT for veterinary officers from the state of Karnataka Mar 2010
13 WHO Intercountry workshop on Laboratory diagnosis of Japanese encephalitis sponsored by WHO Dec 2008
14 WHO inter-country workshop on Laboratory procedures for isolation and identification of bacterial pathogens causing Acute encephalitis syndrome Jul 2007
15 NACO- Clinton Foundation workshops on `Dried blood spot collection conducted for PPTCT center staff Oct 2007
16 National Hands-On workshop on rabies diagnostics and serology Sept 2007
17 Three Karnataka State AIDS Prevention Society sponsored induction / refresher training programs on HIV/AIDS for technicians to the VCTCs, ICTCs and PPTCTs of the Karnataka State 2007

External Trainees:

MD Microbiology post-graduation students: The department regularly conducts one month long training programs, twice a year (typically February and August), for M.D Microbiology students from Medical colleges across the state. The program is focused on training in principles of diagnostic virology, immunology of CNS viral infections and research, with several lectures on theoretical as well as practical aspects. The course offers demonstration of several common and advanced methods for diagnosis of viral infections of the central nervous system. Impetus is also given on exposure to research methods during this course.

M.Sc and BE Biotechnology students: The department is also involved in research training of post-graduate students in life sciences as well engineering students of biotechnology from various universities across the country. These students are supported to carry out short-term research projects by using state of the art applications and encouraged to take part in regular academic activities of the department.


The Department of Neurovirology, established in the year 1986 has made great strides over the last 28 years in contributing towards diagnosis, surveillance, prevention, control and research of viral infections of central nervous system. The expertise available in the department has resulted in working closely with several national and international organizations such as DBT, ICMR, WHO, Wellcome Trust, CDC etc, and the department has actively collaborated with various pharmaceutical companies in development and evaluation of diagnostic methods for viral infections and clinical trials with viral vaccines particularly rabies. Apart from providing diagnosis of viral infections of central nervous system by traditional methods, the department routinely offers state-of-the-art diagnostic molecular and immunological methods such as Real-time PCR, Flow Cytometry etc. The department played a crucial role during the 2009 H1N1 epidemic, being the only center in the state offering free round-the-clock H1N1 testing for thousands of samples obtained from several hospitals both from the government and the private sector. The department particularly offers expert advice in the field of HIV and Rabies. In the area of research the department has collaborated with several national and international universities leading to better understanding of pathogenesis of neurotropic viruses and host immune responses against these viruses.