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Academics / Courses Conducted

The department offers MCh course in neurosurgery. The selection for the course is based on a competitive exam held once a year. The department has an intake of 7 students every year, four of whom are selected following completion of MS in General surgery. The course lasts 3 years for these candidates. Three candidates are selected following MBBS for a 5 year course. During the course of the residency program, candidates are trained to have sound theoretical knowledge of neurosurgery. An active surgical training program ensures that candidates pass out of the institute as full-fledged neurosurgeons ready to practice in their chosen subspecialty areas.

The entrance exams are conducted once a year for entry into the MCh Programme. A total of 7 residents are taken into the programme every year. The course duration for post MBBS students is 5 years and those of post MS General Surgery students is 3 years. The post MBBS students undergo 1 year posting in General surgery. An option of 1 year of senior residency exists for students completing the MCh course. Students are trained to operate on all varieties of emergency neurosurgical procedures and common elective procedures on the brain and spinal cord. Training is imparted in handling of surgical microscopes, drills, micro-instruments during the course. Candidates are encouraged to pursue advanced training following the MCh course.