the Department of Neurosurgery

History of the department:

Soon after the All India Institute of Mental Health (AIIMH) was established in 1954, the then director Dr. Govindaswamy, realizing the inseparability of mind and the brain and hence between behavioral and neurological sciences, started the Departments of Neurology and Neurosurgery. In 1958, Dr. Raja Martanda Varma joined the AIIMH as its first neurosurgeon and started the Department of Neurosurgery. He later went to become the director of AIIMH in 1969.  His first assistant was Dr. GN Narayana Reddy.  It was due to the combined efforts of these two neurosurgeons that neurosurgery escalated to new heights. They worked in extremely difficult conditions and as the saying goes “when the going gets tough, the tough get going”, both struggled against all odds to develop neurosurgery.

Till 1974, the Department of Neurosurgery surged forward under the guidance of Dr. Varma and Dr. GN Narayana Reddy. In 1974 when Dr. Varma became the Director of NIMHANS, the responsibility of the department fell on the able shoulders of Dr. GN Narayana Reddy. Dr. GN Narayan Reddy became the Director of NIMHANS in 1979. The department was then headed by Dr. C Vidyasagar and later, Dr. V Hemalatha. Dr. Bhabani Shankar Das joined as Head of Department in 1981 and consolidated the early gains by his predecessors. After Dr. Das superannuated in 1996, Professor Kolluri Venkataramana Sastry took over the mantle of Head of Department till 2006. Under his guidance, the growth of the department further accelerated.

Following the voluntary retirement of Dr. BA Chandramouli, Dr. B Indira Devi, Dr. S Sampath and Dr. Malla Bhaskara Rao have been the heads of the department in the years to follow.