Sunday, February 24, 2019
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Vision, Mission, and Objectives


  • We would like to capitalize on our strength in pre-clinical research related to neurological and mental health disorders by partnering with the industry.  The focus will also be on embryonic and IPSC cells, in order to develop well characterized human cellular models for diseases affecting the nervous system.
  • Develop functionally significant biomarkers, which explain the pathogenesis of the diseases and which would respond sensitively to the severity of the ailment as well as serve as an objective read out, whenever a new therapeutic modality is attempted.
  • Stem cell therapy can succeed only if its utility is convincingly demonstrated in animal models mimicking human diseases. We will endeavour to carry out such experiments.
  • Pro-actively participate in man power training by conducting workshops and training program for faculty members and students especially from medical institutions. We would like to offer more post-doctoral courses for Ph.Ds, MD Physiology enabling them to carry out state of the art research in   Neurophysiology as independent investigators.
  • Motivate more and more postgraduate clinical students in undertaking inter disciplinary dissertation work involving wet lab based experiments.
  • Actively promote national mentor-mentee program by long distance mentoring of young scientists from different institutions.
  • Creation of Centres of Excellence in areas where we have expertise and track records of achievement.