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From its inception in 1956 as a small single room laboratory with one faculty and one technician, the department has greatly expanded and now houses multiple sections: Histopathology, Clinical Pathology, Electron microscopy, Mortuary, Transfusion Medicine Centre and Human Brain Tissue Repository (Brain Bank) that are geared to comply with the department’s triple mandate of providing diagnostic neuropathology, manpower development and research.

Histopathology Section:

This section deals with diagnosis of disease based on microscopic examination of tissue biopsies (brain/spinal cord/nerve/muscle) of patients with neurological disorders to assist the clinician in instituting appropriate treatment.By application of updated technology, close interaction with treating physicians and radiologists and keeping abreast of recent advances in the field, we are committed to provide high quality, accurate and precise diagnosis in a timely manner to assist in patient care. Mortuary has an active autopsy service and conducts medicolegal as well as round the clock clinical autopsies that are carried out by Neuropathology faculty and fellows. The material provides specimens for teaching and research and several specimens are housed in the Neuropathology Brain museum. Neuropathology Museumhas archived brain specimens of various neurological diseases that serve as teaching resource for medical students and community.

Electron microscopy Section:

The EM section undertakes ultrastructural study of nervous tissues (muscle, nerve and brain) for diagnosis of neurometabolic disorders, storage and mitochondrial diseases, and subserves research activities. This being a central facility it is open to researchers from outside Institutes to utilize for research work on payment.

Clinical Pathology & Hematology Section:

The Clinical Pathology section & Hematology provides mainly clinical hematology tests including bone marrow examination to in-patients and out-patients of NIMHANS. It also provides round the clock emergency service to cater to patient care.

Transfusion Medicine Centre (TMC):

TMCis a well equipped section, with state of the art facilities for component preparation and is recognized by NACO as a training center for Blood Bank officers and technical staff. Blood component separation and small and large volume plasmapheresis are routinely performed under the supervision of medical personnel.

Human Brain Tissue Repository (Brain Bank):

The Brain Bank providebrain tissues/fluids collected postmortem for neuroscientists all over the country to support research in neuroscience.